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Laguna Miscanti

Alexandra Kovacova
Laguna Miscanti used to be just one lake/river with the water going freely to the Salar de Atacama. But the volcano Miñiques after one eruption left a lot of lava stones, which divided the lake into two (with Miscanti on the left and Miñiques on the right – when you come by car; or a bigger Miscanti in the North and Miñiques more in the South). The blue color of both lakes with the white coasts shine in the brownish and grayish nature surrounded by the snowed peaks of the mountains. It is prohibited to walk out of the designated path to protect the biological habitat along the lakes where the vicuñas pass. In the winter, the surface of the lakes get frozen as the temperatures get to 30 Celsius degrees below zero. There is a fully-equipped cabaña at Miscanti lake for 3 people if you would like to stay overnight – 20,000 pesos per person per night.