shopping, eating
September - February
Couples, Friends, Families
3 out of 10 attractions in Arpora

Chapora Beach

Mainly known for the historical Chapora Fort, this is a popular beach which is about 10 kilometres from Mapusa. The other reason for the popularity of this beach is the fact that this is well accessible from other popular beaches such as Anjuna and Candolim too. There are opportunities for swimming, shopping and eating too but it is better not to spend the night here. This is because this beach area is a marked one for the people who are involved in drugs and there are other people who are involved in illegal activities during the night time as well.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
7. Chapora Beach. This beach is located near a coastal village in North Goa. This beach also harbors trawlers and fishing jetties. The Chapora Fort is close by.