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June 12th: Guwahati Airport - ShillongDrove from Guwahati around 10 am towards Shillong with some sightseeing in between.
25th September 2019: Party starts at Indian Railways Train Number 15617Welcome to the Northeast! Your journey to the Ziro festival starts with cheery meet and greet at the station. The train to Naharlagun which is the nearest railway station to Ziro, starts at 21:00 hours and we will gather at Guwahati platform by 19:30 hours. There will be a horde of festival goers in the train and its going to be a fiesta until next morning.
Train arrives at 04:30 hours in Guwahati station, as we board having some great memories and experiences with us. We suggest you to book your flights after 10 am to cover up for undue discrepancies or delays, if any. Fly back home safe. Its been one hell of a ride. Until next time.
Manju Dahiya
चेरापूंजी से गुवाहाटी
This is my last day at Shillong, I had flight at 3.20 pm so I need to reach Guwahati Airport by 2 pm and for that I need to leave Shillong by 10am as it requires 3-4 hours for reaching depending on traffic and getting shared cabs. So nothing much to do today, I checked out of hostel, had breakfast at Rajasthani shop, and headed to Police bazaar for catching shared cabs. On the way to Guwahati got message that flight was delayed by 2 hrs due to Mumbai runway shutdown and I had no option but to wait in airport as guwahati was too hot to roam around in such short time. I headed back to Bangalore at night..!! Finishing my journey to meghalaya on a very happy note. Meghalaya is definitely a monsoon place.So I will just list down few tips or about meghalaya for those who are travelling to Meghalaya..!!#Local language is Khasi, people do speak English and Hindi but you guys need to be slow in flow of words as they don't understand fast words#Predominatly Pork, Beef is eaten here, you get chicken, fish and even dog meat as well.#Laal chai or Red tea is famous here do try it#Vegetarians might have hard time in finding proper food#Meghalaya includes Garo hills, Khasi hills and Jaintia hills#Khasi local food is Jadoh which is made of sticky rice, pork, beef cutlets, vegetable stir fry. Many Jadoh stalls are there.#Shillong people are mixed natured people, few are polite, few are rude in talking, few are straight forward so mixture of people.#Males are addressed as 'Bah' and females as 'Kong', as token of respect people address using this words just like we say bhaiya, didi etc#Food might not be favorable for all it depends#Pineapple, plums, Litchis are grown more here and pine apples are very very tasty#People eat lot of Pan and betel nuts here so one can see people mouth stuffed with it#Lot of cafes are available all around#Only way of commutation to Cherrapunje, Dawki, Double Decker is via cab so that one can enjoy the journey and be careful on the prices, it's too costly for tourists.#Try bargaining on the prices or use tricks like you found a person who charges less (this has worked for me) so cab drivers automatically charge less#The prices I have mentioned in the itinerary is for one person#I would prefer monsoon is best time to visit as all waterfalls will have high water flow and also one can experience clouds (summers not sure as I got headache due to sun heat)#Hostels are better for Solo travellers, lot of Homestay/hotels do exist in all places of meghalaya so no worries if not pre booked.#Vegetables, fish, chicken all are sold on roadside of shillong, one can see if strolling around the streets#There are lot of falls on the way to Cherrapunje or other destinations amidst greenery its an visual treat to eyes#Street food is very cheap here compared to Cafe or restaurant food.#Cleanliness is maintained at high priority#Two wheelers are provided on rent, helmet is mandatory for two wheelers and seat belt for four wheeler. (Rash driving by kids of aged 13-18yrs happen so be careful while driving)#All food shops close by 10pmat night and at morning shops open at 9 am.#All tourist spots has some walk or trek involved so be prepared and carry shoes that's the comfort shoe wear for all tourist spots.#Carry basic medicines along#All tourist places names are kept after the village it is in#There are tourist buses running on all day basis to different locations, I have attached images of same if anyone is interested to travel via bus. But maximum they allow 10-15 mins at each place. You need to book the bus at Police bazaar#I had booked local cab driver for all 4 days, his name is Mark polite person i used to call him bhaiya and talk in Hindi and got to know many things about shillong from him. His number is (+91 87299 68978) it might be helpful for you guys.Other places or offbeat places one can visit if staying up long :1. Kongthong - Whistling village where people communicate through whistles (quite interesting though)2. Nongriat village3. Garden caves4. Nongkhnum Island5. Rainbow falls - one need to trek through double Decker root bridge so it's 1 hr from double Decker6. Mawkdok village7. Mawsynram8. Nartiang - mainly for hot springs9. Museum lovers can head to Don Bosco museum, Ramakrishna mission10. Laitlum canyon11. David Scott trails