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Prateek Dham
A tiny village, named Jatinga, inhabiting just about 2,500 people in Assam is home to a lot of cults and myths. Although this is not uncommon in villages across India, some suspicious occurrences here are making people hail it as extraordinary.Every year during the monsoons, numerous birds of various species are believed to "commit suicide" at this place. This strange phenomenon has led to many deeming this village as one of the creepiest places on earth.Bird Suicide – Myth or Truth?
Dronacharya Dave
Jatinga Village (Assam)
ashish sadhuka
Jatinga is a relatively normal town, but it’s plagued by massive bird “suicides” that happen every September - October. The en masse bird deaths occur at the end of the monsoon months, when on dark, foggy nights the bird populations are attracted to the lights of villages and are then killed by the villagers. In modern times, conservation groups have made an effort to decrease the amount of bird deaths during this season.
Physically Assam is divided into Barak Valley and Brahmaputra Valley in the name of the two major rivers of Assam.To reach Jatinga one can take a bus to Haflong which is located in Barak Valley from Guwahati. The raw and untouched nature of the Jatinga Valley is what adds on to its beauty and to any Nature Lover this place is gets captivated as pictures in mind. There is literature available the fact that there an be as many as 200 species of birds both local and Migratory that can be viewed from here. The strange phenomenon of Birds getting captivated in the valley draws many researchers and ornithologists to this place.