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Shraddha Gosavi
With hectic schedule all days.., we decided to run from daily routine to rain forest and mountains! We planned trek to explore north east. Reaching Guwahati by 3 days train journey, we mistakenly explored north Guwahati..! Then day comes where we went to Shillong at our Base Camp! After that day we did lot of amazing things..seeing sky full of migratory birds, night camp under clean and clear sky.. singing "look at the stars..look how they shine for you" where we got other fellow friends from all over India! Our nights went playing all possible group games! David Scott trail was another 16km trek.. where we passed streams,rivers, mountains! Experienced sudden change in weather was turned into seeing rainbows! We went through small villages meeting localites there!Cherrapunjee was major part where we saw seven sister waterfall, Bangladesh border, living root bridge and last but not list caves! We were in Assam and not went to kaziranga it's not possible 😉.. we walked under stars and with fire flies.. amazing it was! Morning was preserved for elephant and jeep safari through kaziranga. Where we got to see best of kaziranga animals! Whole successful trip we planned ourselves that was proud thing!😎How can I forget about food there! Assamese cuisine, mizo and mani food, just amazing!