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Lavina Solanki
I took an early morning bus to Kaziranga National Park at 6:30am from the ASTC bus stop at Paltan bazaar in Guwahati. The tickets are on first come first serve basis so I booked them a day in advance. With one halt for lunch the bus reached Kaziranga (Kohora) around 12:30pm.The moment you enter KNP you realise this place is quite different from other places in Assam. Beautiful trees, tea gardens, antique wooden carvings for sale on the streets. You'd experience a complete village life here.I stayed at Sneha Bhawan in Kohora range. It had clean and basic rooms with hot water ( a necessity in winters), with a very friendly guide/owner who helped us in all Safari bookings. This place does not serve food, but we were directed to try out the food at a place called Kaziranga Food Hut which was just opposite Sneha Bhawan. As the name suggests it was a huge hut with amazing Chinese and Assamese food served.We had our first Jeep Safari in the Kohora zone (Central) in the afternoon at 2:00pm. The park was abundantly filled with the famous Eastern Swamp Deers, Elephants, One Horned Rhinos and many varied species of birds. And not to forget the Royal Bengal Tiger. It was a treat to watch this majestic beast in it's primitive state. Was all ready to hunt and was waiting for his move on the deers grazing nearby.
Rashmi Sarma
Withyou Uma
This trip was I called one of my unplanned trip but with great experience without any expectation. We took saraighat express from howrah at 15:50 and reached guwahati next day around 9:45. From out side of the station buy a bus ticket to kohora,kaziranga and start our journey. When we reached it was dark outside so I couldn't explore the place and just checked in a hotel named ''Chikuni Bhavan''.       The next morning was start bit earlier( because I am a late riser so.) at 7:00 am we commenced our jeep safari buying  tickets for Rs 700. And what we could explore   Was this......