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Kanj Saurav
Begin your day by exploring the different Satras of South Majuli . You can learn mask-making too at some of these places, especially Natun Chamaguri Sattra. Have lunch at an authentic Assamese restaurant in the afternoon, and continue on your journey back to Jorhat.
Kanj Saurav
Majuli to BomdilaThe 350 km long drive will challenge your driving skills. But in the end you will find yourself at one of the most celebrated passes in the country. You can choose to stay at the monastery at Bomdila.
Ankita Kumar
We made our way to Majuli from Ziro where we had just finished attending a hectic 4 day long music festival. We were completely exhausted. We hadn’t slept a wink in days because none of us wanted to miss even a second of the incredible experience. We took a jeep into Assam and then a ferry took us over the Bramhaputra to the lovely island of Majuli. As soon as we stepped into Majuli, it was almost like we had stepped into a different world. The life was slow paced, everyone super relaxed. Little bamboo huts on stilts, mud roads and so much quiet. It was the perfect getaway after the intense music festival. The next day we rented bikes and left to explore the island. Our first stop was a Hindu monastery. Interestingly, the monks at this monastery are not allowed to touch anybody. If they accidentally touch you, they have to take a bath. So when I went close to three young monks here, to show them their picture I had clicked, they moved away frightened I might touch them. We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with them where they served us the yummiest satvik vegetarian lunch. If you end up here, make sure to score a lunch date at one of these monasteries. We then made our way to the revered mask makers of Majuli. They all mostly live on one end of Majuli and have been there for generations. They use natural dyes and materials to make the masks. The expressions are spot on and the the colours super vibrant. We were lucky to have witnessed one of the performances. This is definitely something you must do when in Majuli.
We left early in the morning bcoz of the maoist activities happening on the island there. And headed for a 6 hour long bus ride to Guwahati to only catch our flight to Mumbai next morning.Day 10