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Eber Shibin
After Cousin, we were taken to Curieuse, where we had an amazing barbecue lunch. Not sounding too cocky, Creole cuisine is hands down one of the best cuisines in the world. After lunch, we were told by our guides to hike through the mangrove vegetation and meet them at the other end of the island.The post lunch hike is roughly 1.7 km and its easy and enjoyable. After the hike, we fed some tortoises at the far end before heading our way to St. Pierre for snorkeling.
In Seychelles, I spent a day that still plays cinematically in my memory. It began with an exhausting hike. I had been in the area for about two weeks with a volunteer group, taking photos and creating a film about their work. The researchers on that project had suggested we take a hike to capture some of the island's outstanding scenic landscapes.I agreed and packed my bag, stuffing it with camera gear that must have weighed ten pounds. That wasn't an issue until we started to climb the local foothills into the mountains where things got steep. With the heavy backpack and more camera gear in my hands, I was constantly on guard so as not to slip, I started to feel drained.But, we carried on. Two hours into it, I was convinced we would never stop, but then we began to encounter one landscape after another that was simply spectacular.
Kanika Kalia
If you are planning a trip to Praslin do keep a day aside for island hopping.Most of the hotels or tour operators will be able to arrange an excursion. They come with different packages like with water sports,snorkeling, food etc and generally costs 80$ per person. We hopped on a day tour to Curiese Island, a mile off the northern coast. The island is breeding ground for 250 giant tortoises.There are good walking trails round the island and takes about an hour or so if you want to cover the whole island. I will suggest not to miss Curieuse Peak because view from the top is spectacular. Beware of crabs as they are just everywhere. Feeding the Tortoises with leaves was a sheer bliss and absolute fun. Never in my life had i seen such big tortoises.