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Saigu Formentera

Hiba Khan
Day 2:I booked a ferry to the most beautiful island "Formentera",the hotel itself had a package and I took the tickets of the ferry from hotel itself on Saturday evening. It was bright sunny Sunday morning and I took a ferry from a port whic was hardly 10 mins from the hotel.It was a 45 min of amazing journey amidst the water.Finally,I felt like I had reached the paradise.I couldn't believe my eyes.I was speechless so i am now as how to express it in words.After the ferry ,had to take a local bus to reach to the island which was after every 45 mins.There was a beautiful beach and a single cafe,where you can eat all kinds of stuff.I tried a pizza there and normal drinking water was of 2.5 euros,omg,I never realized water can also be so expensive instead beer was way much cheaper than water.I spent the entire day there just relaxing in the sun and eating.Day3:
Spain You’ll have to bike to this spotless beach where cars are not allowed, and nudity is the norm. Laze away on a sunny day to up your Vitamin D intake naturally and get a beautiful, sunkissed tan.