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Chao Phraya River

Swetha Kumar
Like all urban rivers, the history of the Chao Phraya is intertwined with the city it flows through. The original site was chosen by early settlers because of its fertility and abundant fish. Later King Taksin, after the fall of Ayutthaya to the Burmese, located his new capital here, on the western banks today known as Thonburi. you can even avail the cruise dinner facility here to have the bliss experience
Mariya Nalawala
River cruise on Chao Phraya River
Rashmi Shetty
>With all the traffic around, I would recommend to stay in and around the Sukhumvit area. We took a tuk tuk to reach the port from where we decided to take a cruise on the Chao Phraya River which was 400 baht( after a huge bargain ????) the 2 hrs solo ride through some canals is the most pleasant way to explore the city once dubbed "Venice of the East" by Europeans. On both sides of the Chao Phraya River, a touristi can see many magnificent temples and architectural buildings including the First Presbyterian Church, the Royal Thai Navy Dockyard, the Thai Maritime Navigation oCompany, the Old Customs House, You can also see people selling fruits vegetables and other commodities in the floating market. (TIP: do not buy souvenirs from the floating market, you will get it cheap in the market ) you can also feed the fishes there for some good omen
Priya Ray Chaudhuri
By then we had decided we were going to find the Wat with the Siamese Cats. For that we crossed the Chao Phraya river in an inexpensive ferry boat ride and then took a TukTuk to the locality where google directed us. After that, we were at the mercy of the locals who did a great job of understanding our instructions which are best described as two Indian girls gesticulating wildly and making meowing sounds. In anticipation, we bought two huge bags of cat food to feed the felines we would soon meet. The mood was upbeat as we were directed to a deserted monastery where we met an elderly monk who was also treated to the same show of wild gesticulations and mewling noises to indicate our desired destination. He understood, walked us to a nearby house and fumbled with the keys. The smell of cat pee told us, from the outside, that we were in the right place.
Shriranjani Rao
§ Wat Arun is perhaps the most captivating temple. You ferry across the Chao Phraya river to be welcomed by a sprawling Wat. We climbed a huge flight of steep stairs to catch a glimpse of ‘the city of angels’. Entrancing is how I would describe it. Bangkok is revealed in full light across Chao Phraya – modern glitzy building and traditional temples blending in harmony. The temple is better visited at sunset, quite contrary to its name!Tip- Please wear attires respectful of Thai traditions. For ladies, shoulders and knees should be covered, otherwise you need to cover yourself/ wear a sarong. Gentlemen wearing shorts and inappropriate clothing are barred entry.