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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Sharath Mathew
If your visiting Bangkok during the weekends make sure you visit the weekend markets which opens only in the evening. We decided to visit the Chatuchak market which has about 15,000 stalls apparently and is the biggest one in Thailand . The easiest way to reach the market is to take a BTS to Chatuchak station and then walk for about 10 mins to the market. The market is definitely a heaven for all the shopaholic ladies out there;with all the vendors selling different cloths of various fashion and for those who are food junkies like me this market has lots of food Stalls with varying & delicious food items and for those who wanna try weird food items this is the place to be also.
This was wonderful market to buy clothes and throw away price. You just have to look for the right show for good quality.
On the first day of bangkok, we opted to visit chatuchak weekend market as my friends want to do some shopping. And this day we spent most of our time at chatuchak and Siam malls.
Swati Verma
The whole sale market was 25 acres in total!! It was a complete bargain game, as the initial prices would just make you make a U-turn from the shops! I faced a big challenge in buying a T-shirt for less than INR 500!! Overall it was a pricey affair to shop in Bangkok unless you had great bargaining skills. The locals were in general very rude to Indians. Maybe due to prior bad experiences ! 😅
Mallika Rohatgi
Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market: The Skyline metro to Mo Chit will drop you just 200 metres away from the famous and humongous weekend market in Bangkok. Name anything, you’ll get it there for cheap if you can bargain well. The food is cheap and filling, with a meal costing around 80 baht. I shopped for my family and bought some authentic Thai items.Tip: Use the metro for long distances and bike men for the shorter ones. Buy beer from local grocery stores like 7-eleven, they’re way cheaper than restaurants. Don’t miss out on taking pictures of the colourful cabs and tuk-tuks.