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Swetha Kumar
The market of all markets, Chatuchak Weekend Market is the ultimate. You will be amazed by its sprawling size, but perhaps even more so by the unbelievable variety of wares. Stumble across anything from vinyl records, beads, suits of armor to a live seahorse! Haggling is encouraged – just do so politely
Vinayak Ganji
If you have a chance, stay in Bangkok for a weekend and see Chatuchak market. You will find everything there.
Mariya Nalawala
If you are staying in Bangkok during a weekend, Chatuchak Weekend Market is a real MUST!We were so excited about shopping that we reached market way too early Ha-ha. We spend our entire day exploring it.They have all kinds of things, such as bags, clothes, accessories, food, household stuff, toys etc.. There are almost 20,000 over stalls open on weekends, and it’s really no exaggeration. It’s impossible to visit every stall because there are just too many, and it’s almost like a maze. To avoid getting lost, remember the booth number or road number of where are you standing at. So can easily gather back with your friends if you come here for the first time.The food here was also good!
Sumedha Bharpilania
Every traveller is involuntarily partial to one particular destination in the world. For me, that spot has perennially been occupied by Bangkok. The city has taught me every travel lesson in the book. Right from helping me become street smart to reading maps like an expert. It has also turned me into a master of sorts when it comes to playing impromptu rounds of dumb charades with the non-English speaking locals. I am now capable of emulating accents like a pro, much to the amusement of my acquaintances. And then, I firmly believe that Bangkok could award degrees in the art of bargaining considering how it is a major learning centre for the same. Take a trip to the massive wonder known as the Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will know exactly what I am hinting at.
Second Breakfast
The next day, head to Chatuchak market. It's better than any market you've ever imagined. There's all sorts of stuff on sale from the fashion things to home decor to reptiles and cactuses and birds and water creatures. There's a load of neat stuff to eat at well. Stuff yourself, because yolo right? Now, if you can make your way out of the Chatuchak maze, try the river cruise.
Shreya Banerjee
A city exploration is incomplete until some shopping is done. The best place in Bangkok is Chatuchak market consisting more than 8000 stalls ranging from Clothes, Foods, Artifacts, Books, Flowers and what not.This is basically a weekend market open on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.6. Travelling the city by Sky Train :The safest, cheapest and smartest way of transportation in this era is using the Public Transit and Bangkok has one extremely efficient system with a highly functional BTS Sky train services. These High speed Light Rail Transits are connected with the Metro Rail of the city via several Multi modal terminals. A traffic jam prone city like Bangkok has a sigh of relief with this facility. The service saves time, allows to save some more money and at the same time provides an amazing aerial view of the whole city while on board.7. Enjoy the Sea World :
Pritika Behrawala
Many tourists visit Bangkok for a day or two for the incessant shopping options the city provides. The many small, colorful boutiques offer a range of choices at the best prices. Chatuchak market is the best place if you want to splurge. After this, we went to two places which do not usually make it to many itineraries: the David Beckham temple and Chao Mae Tuptim shrine. The multifaceted side of the city can be seen when the sun sets. Experience the popular and dynamic nightlife of Bangkok. We visited the New Calypso Cabaret to see the ladyboy cabaret perform in a costumed extravaganza.We decided on spending our last two days in peace and quiet at the Kom Samet Beach, away from the bustling and chaotic roads. It turned out to be a beautiful choice. This quaint and serene beach was the best way to end this trip along with a great Thai massage. Bangkok is a city that slowly unleashes its charm. It’s not just a city of temples and traffic, but has a lot more to explore, especially with night markets, bars and street food. One day or one week, this city doesn’t disappoint.PS- This trip was taken before the protests in Bangkok since January 2014. Things might be a little different now.
Shopping - The best thing that you can do in Bangkok is shop. It is indeed a shopping paradise. Shopping anywhere is cheap but you will get some real dirt cheap stuff in the street markets. Prominent amongst them are the Chatuchak weekend market and Pratunam market. Chatuchak market has around 27 sections with 15000 stalls. You can find anything and everything in the world at one place from handicrafts, toys, clothes, bags, accessories, antique wood carving, local souvenirs, garden decorated plants, trendy fashions, food. Do not forget to carry the market map. It will help you in locating stalls that sell your requirement and save time. Pratunam is a similar street market but smaller than Chatuchak. You can also consider shopping in malls like Central Plaza, MBK, Platinum which are not highly priced.Floating markets - These markets are located next to body of water and vendors sell stuff like fruits, flowers, trinkets, food from their boats. Visiting a floating is like a half day tour. Most of these tours start early in the morning and last for 4 hours. Most of the best floating markets are located at around 80-90 kms from Bangkok.Street food - I have a separate blog on Thai food. Massage parlors - Every street on Bangkok will at least have 2 massage parlors. A traditional Thai massage ranges from 350-400baht for 60 minutes. They also offer neck and shoulder massage, foot massage, oil massage and a variety of other services. I had taken the traditional Thai massage and it was worth every minute.
It is located next to the famous Chatuchak Market and has a good in house food court too. Duck noodles, oyster pancakes, pad thai etc are available here at a slightly higher price than the rest of Bangkok. Tor Kor is in reality an upscale food market of the Thai rich and powerful and beauty along with rubbing shoulders with tycoons do not come cheap.Papaya Vintage is not a market but high on my must to list. A warehouse, located in the suburbs of Bangkok, Papaya Vintage is like a shop you have never seen before. A seemingly decrepit warehouse, its messy corridors are stacked with thousands of vintage toys and collectibles. A sort of museum, I have been told that Papaya also sells its vintage eclectic collection at a hefty price and charges more to allow photography.
charu rawat
I also visited the Chatuchak Weekend Market which is one of the world’s largest market covering 35 acres and home to more than 8000 stalls. I got lost in there a lot of times, that big.You will basically get everything you want in there at bargainable prices. Since the market is only open on the weekend, make it early at around 9 am. And literally shop till you drop.Classes- Bangkok has a variety of fun classes to offer, be it at Bounce Inc, or an Aerial Silk or Trapeze class or a MMA class to Cooking classes. You can book a slot online and give it a go.
pooja thakkar
The Forensic Museum is also something we missed as we landed there during holidays but has alot of interesting things to offer. Once again the fresh flower market will need a whole day almost to capture another side of Bangkok but if you have the time, then these are experiences definitely that will you make the whole experience wholesome. Handy Tips The boba tea is a must do local tea, it is available at most MRT stations and touristy areas and it is a very bangkok thing to do.While going to the airport the skyline is absolutely well-connected and the best to use and save alot of bucks on the cab.The Chatuchak Market is huge and has a lot of variety in jackets, boots and bags and also some clothes so spare a half day and visit there on a Saturday as you are bound to splurge alot of time and money there.The coconut ice cream available at the Chatuchak Market is to die for and one can't miss that out.All the places including the Chatuchak and the Siam road and malls are well-connected by the MRT, which is pretty easy and safe to use unless ofcourse you are in a group of 4, in which case Tuk Tuk and Taxis are the best bet.It's not just the Tuk Tuk walas but also the Taxi walas bagain, so never hesitate to bargain absolutely anywhere in Bangkok they are well used to it and ofcourse with a pretty sweet smile on the face please. 
Once the rain abated, I made my way to my next stop which was truly a one of its kind experience. Chatuchak market is the world’s largest flea market sprawling over a massive 27 acres! This market is only a weekend market and has over 15,000 stalls selling goods and artefacts from all over Thailand.I got to the market to be greeted by a bustling crowd. Many were tourists like me who were exploring the sights and the sounds of this place and some were serious shoppers who went about their business of haggling aggressively.The information kiosk handed me a map of the market place and after glancing through its sections, I dove right into my favourite zone, the food section! My stomach was craving for some delicious Thai cuisine and the aroma of the freshly cooked food was making my mouth water. I settled for a Thai coconut soup with fish balls followed by some meat on skewers laced with a spicy mint sauce. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I indulged in my ever favourite pancakes with mango and syrup!
Pamela Macnaughtan
If you love to shop, then plan to spend a few hours getting lost in Chatuchak Market. Chatuchak is a massive maze of stalls, so you may want to avoid splitting up; unless you’re with someone who knows the market well. I’ve been utterly lost in this market before.
One of the best food choices in Phuket, this steakhouse sets the standard for what grilled meats should taste like. It attracts a huge amount of locals and tourists. A must visit in Thailand.
Divay mittal
This was one of my favorite Bangkok moments. Chatuchak Mkt is a weekend only market, and what makes the experience so interesting is that you can get everything that you ever wished in your life at incredible prices. All that while having a Chang beer and some great Thai food:)
Kunsang Pakhrin
Chatuchak Weekend Market The weekend market is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00 - 18:00. It was roughly around 45 mins from our hotel, including the pit stop at a jewellery emporium(don’t know why the cab driver took us there). Cab fare from Sukhumvit to Chatuchak – 200 Baht. It is the biggest market I have ever seen, infact it is the biggest weekend market in the world. You get everything here, be it clothes, pets, food, electronics, plants, antiques, cock fights, street name it. Be ready to find strange things which you would never expect on your plate. What is the use of travelling to foreign lands if you are not ready to try the local lifestyle and cuisines. Tips for tourists : carry cash as most of the shops here don’t accept cards or you may have to walk a long way to the nearest ATM. Be prepared as you may end up buying more stuffs than you expect.
Chatuchak weekend market is great for both shopping and food. It is a rather huge market and will leave you walking through different areas exploring. Before you know it, almost an entire afternoon is gone!There are tons of street vendors selling coconut ice-cream and i strongly recommend to get one. The price depends on the number of toppings you choose for your ice-cream, perfect for the scorching weather.Besides the ice-cream, there are stalls selling pork buns and chicken/pork satay which you can easily grab and go while you are shopping. Oh yes, and don't forget the thai ice tea!
Ruchika Makhija
Here one can lay hands on anything under the sun.The alleyways can be quite confusing at first but seeing so many things under one roof you will not mind wandering a bit.
One of my favourite place... Toooooooo much to shop.. went mad but the street never endss
Angela Ao
Chatuchak Market opens during weekends and its one of the worlds largest weekend markets, it is so big, i couldn't walk everywhere, it had more than 15000 shops that sell literally everything, food, clothes, animals, animal bones, animal skin, kitchenware etc You should visit if you're into cheap shopping.
Queen Sirikit Park or as we lovingly call it, Dragon park because of the large golden sea dragon statue. It’s a large green with play area for the young ones and a parking garage rooftop walking area that drinks the sunshine. On Thursday and Friday, one can visit the trendy Indy Market for cheap clothing, sweet drinks, live music and handmade wares, shirts, or jewelry.
Gautam Modi
This is a place not to be missed, If you missed this then I will say your visit to Bangkok was incomplete. Local food , local products , the biggest market ever. Chatuchak weekend market (Jatujak Market) is the largest Market in Thailand and one of the largest weekend market in the world. It spread across 27 acres altogether 15,000 booths selling goods from every part of Thailand. It’s must visit place on weekend. Previously only local people use to shop from here, but now it has become the must visit tourist and shopping destination in Bangkok. You can shop everything from here whatever you want. It is divided into 3 parts: Weekend Market, JJ Plaza and JJ Mall Dept. store. I suggest that you go with the flow, otherwise you are just going to struggle. They will lead you somewhere anyway. Wear comfortable shoes as you have to walk a lot and drink , drink and drink because you will be sweating like anything. For more: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 4-5 hrs. Opening hours: Wed and Thurs (Plants and Flowers): 6am to 6pm Fri (Wholesale Market): 6am to 6pm Sat and Sun (Miscellaneous): 6am to 6pm How to get here: The best way to reach here is by BTS to Mo Chit Station. After getting down just follow the crowd and will come to know that you have reached. What to find here: Everything whatever you want.
Pritika Behrawala
It is a weekend market spread across 35 acres in Chatuchak and is home to more than 8,000 market stalls. It was a little overwhelming and confusing as it was our first time in the market. You'll get a hang of navigating inside the various branches of the market in a while. From clothing to accessories to books to pets to home decorations to antiques, I was surprised at the sheer variety of merchandise this place had to offer.
Pamela Macnaughtan
It is not only the largest market in Thailand; in fact it is the World's largest weekend market. Around 200,000 visitors come here everyday (although most stalls remain open only on Saturday and Sunday). You can find local handicrafts, delicacies (even live animals!), to clothes etc. on its 15,000 stalls located here. A shopper's dream, you can literally send hours here! This markets sells pretty much everything. No really, you can find pretty much anything here. Chatuchak is a massive maze of stalls, so you may want to avoid splitting up; unless you’re with someone who knows the market well. I’ve been utterly lost in this market before.
Matthew Crompton
Up at Mo Chit station, this is the spot to go for all your shopping needs in Bangkok before you fly home. Excellent food here too.