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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Shilpa Arora
Next day was a Saturday which meant it was the day to explore the famous weekend market- Chatuchak! This is one market that everyone looks forward to every weekend whether it's a tourist or a local person from Thailand. We woke up on time and after our quick shower, heartful breakfast at Orchid Café located at the lobby level of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, we took the sky train to Chatuchak.The market is open from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, however, I think by the time we reached there, it was already noon. The place had some great local stuff that too at great prices. Don't forget to negotiate with your best smile and the friendly shopkeepers around are happy to reduce the prices! We bought some interesting stuff - boots, cute slippers, T-shirts, skirt, tracks, accessories etc. It is actually a heaven for a true shopaholic like me! One thing that I saw for the first time ever and was fascinated to try were the miniature ice cream cones filled with different flavours of ice-cream! Each cone was bite size and full of fruity flavours! We also tried chicken wings and coconut water at the market! By the time the clock struck 6, we realized that we were tired! The excitement of non-stop shopping doesn't make you feel the tiredness before! Our day ended with the famous Thai foot massage near Chatuchak and then we were ready to go back to our hotel to have dinner and crash! We had a lot of stuff in our hand, obviously from the shopping there so Sky Train was not an option. We tried the Grab Taxi, which we booked through the app. Don't forget to download these apps before you reach Thailand!
Ram Porwal
Day 7: Chatuchak and local market is heaven for shopping lovers.
Ragini Mehra
3. Enjoy window shopping at Bangkok’s liveliest market
Husein Haveliwala
We came to Chatuchak Market boarding an auto at the price of 250 baht from Wat Arun. Chatuchak Market is where you need to spend almost the entire day just to explore the full market. There were ample of shops starting from garments, handmade accessories, mouth watering food, electronic goods and what not! The variety of food present in the market was surely made you confused what to grab and what to leave. Duck meat, pork dumplings, fish balls, fruit shakes, coconut ice creams are some of the items on which we jumped into to fill our stomach. After spending almost three hours, it's time to catch the flight of our next destination, KRABI!!!