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Don Mueang International Airport Don Mueang Bangkok Thailand

Partha Bhaduri
4:30am ICT :Sawadee Bangkok :) That was how we were greeted in Bangkok. We landed at Don Meung Airport and rushed for VOA(Visa on Arrival). Passport,travel itinerary,hotel booking and return ticket along with the departure card(provided in the flight) duly filled are mandatory. VOA usually takes 2-3 hours time and is free now until December for Indian citizen."Have a pleasant stay in Thailand" --> VOA granted successfully :) 
वीजा आवेदन काउंटर के ठीक सामने एक कोने में प्लास्टिक के टोकरियों में बहुत सारे वीजा आवेदन पत्र रखे हुए थे, हमने चार आवेदन पत्र लिया, और अपना अपना पासपोर्ट फ़ोटो निकाल कर आवेदन पत्र भरने लगे, बहुत ही आसान पत्र होता है, बाद ध्यान रखें की आप सभी जानकारियां ठीक ठीक दें।हमने अपना वीजा आवेदन पत्र साफ़ साफ़ भर कर अपनी फोटो चिपकाई, और अपने सभी कागजातों को दोबारा जाँच कर वीजा आवेदन के लिए बनी पंक्ति में खड़े होकर अपनी बारी की प्रतीक्षा करने लगे।हमारी बारी आते ही हमने अपने सभी कागजातों के साथ अपना पासपोर्ट कागजात जाँच अधिकारी को सौंपी, उन्होंने सभी कागजातों की गहनता से जाँच पड़ताल करने के बाद हमे एक अतिरिक्त रसीद के साथ हमारे कागजात हमें सौंप दिया और उनके पिछे बने प्रतीक्षालय में प्रतीक्षा करनें को कहा, हमने उनका धन्यवाद किया और काउंटर के पीछे बने प्रतीक्षालय में बैठ गए।क़रीब 10 से 15 मिनट प्रतीक्षा के उपरांत हमारी बारी आई, हम सब फिर उसी काउंटर पर गए, अपने सभी कागजातों समेत अपना पासपोर्ट दिया, उन्होनें हमारे सभी कागजात हमें लौटा दिए और हमारे पासपोर्ट पर वीजा आगमन पर का मोहर लगा दिया।हम अब आज़ाद थे, और अब हम प्रवास जाँच काउंटर पर गए, अपना पासपोर्ट दिया, उन्होंने हमारे हाथों का निशान, और फ़ोटो खींचा और हमारे पासपोर्ट पर आगमन का मोहर लगा दिया।
Vinay Chand
So as I start a big hello guys! It was a dream for me to travel solo to Vietnam.Finally it was the D day And I was so excited because it's gonna be my first international Travel. It all started with a stamp on my Passport, boarded the Thai Air Asia flight from Visakhapatnam to Ho chi Minh City via Bangkok at 12:15 am and at present I am at Don mueang international airport (Bangkok).Waiting for my next connection to Ho chi Minh City (Saigon) South Vietnam. I will be reaching there by 9:30 amI have some big plans Today in Saigon.Will soon update at the end of the day.After reaching Ho chi Minh city tan( Tan son nhat airport) visa on arrival and immigration is done . Came out at 11:30 am took a Grab(cheap transport app in Vietnam) to my hostel. My room is pretty good actually at centre of district 1. It's name is city poshtel.Very neat and clean also.Do check out. It will be in Budget.After checking in, I went outside for a local Sim and I went to viettel(The largest network in Vietnam) official Store in district 1 to purchase it and got it for 150000 dongs for 12GB data/30days. And then went to exchange notes at Exim bank branch at district 1. Got a good deal though.After doing a small meal of pho noodles(30,000 dongs) which was excellent I have left to the war Remnants Museum (Entrance ticket 40,000 dongs)and information over here is so cool and very historical.And then I went to Independence palace(40,000 dongs) which was quite beautiful and walking through the central park I have went to Saigon central post office which was started in 1890s and quite opposite to it you can see Notre dame cathedral.And then I have went to the tallest building in Vietnam country the bitexco financial tower walking through the beautiful times square of ho chi Minh city.The entrance ticket to visit the sky deck of Bitexco financial tower is of 200,000 dongs. But it's ok to give that much for that view. My suggestion is to go around 5/5:30 in the evening so that you can see both the Before lights and after lights view.And after This hectic schedule in this City I have went back to my room and Freshed up and came back to street searching for best Banh Mi(45,000 dongs) and I have tasted it finally. It is great. And it ended my first day in the largest city of the country.Sleepy sleepy ....I have shared some images . I hope you like it.Bonus- I have added some images which I have captured from the flight during Bangkok to Vietnam. The sight Is just surreal. Do check.And please comment your views and suggestions & any queries regarding Saigon city or Vietnam visa Related Queries. I'm ready to help.
Ipsita Biti
I submitted my car in the airport. I was struggling with mixed emotions I was happy I made this trip (from north to south) east to west) I was sad because my Vacation came to an end. sometimes, You feel like it's difficult to try all these things by your own, renting a car, driving, exploring new cities but once you do it you develop that confidence. I hope this blog gives you enough confidence and hope to plan for a New trip.overall If you are looking for a memorable road trip and you are a passionate driver. if you like Road journey this trip will help you to develop your self confidence.Budget- car rental:- 1400(rupees)*19(days), Patrol- on an average(46000 rupees), Hostel-12000(average) for 19 days, Food- 3 times meal (5000 rupees),other expenses(6000 rupees)
Harpreet singh
The airport was good and the visa on arrival process hardly took 15-20 minutes without any challenges.The most happiest part is No visa fees as many countries are exempted from visa fees from Nov 2018 - 31 Oct 2019.Now i got my visa and its time to head out from airport and explore.& my first destination was PATTAYA, so remember if you want to go to pattaya from Bangkok airport you can take bus, unlike Suvarnabhumi airport there is no direct bus from don Mueang airport.— First You have to take airport shuttle bus (A1) yellow colour bus to mo-chit bus station it will cost you 30 BAHT.— then from there you have to take bus for pattaya. Ac bus will cost you upto 120 BAHT.Bus journey was to long as not expected & driver was very slow But the road was very good especially express way (awesome).Finally after long travel journey I reached at my destination its time to relax.But not able to sleep due to excitement.