Don Mueang International Airport Don Mueang Bangkok Thailand 1/2 by Tripoto

Don Mueang International Airport Don Mueang Bangkok Thailand

Amuktha Malyada
We flew from cochin international airport to Don Mueang International Airport. Now come the most exciting part “STAMPING ON PASSPORT”. YO!! Finally my passport stopped screaming :P Soon we completed the visa on arrival process where we need to pay 2k baht(4K INR). We collected our baggage and headed towards the city.Note : 1INR = 0.53 Thai Baht.
Jason Samuel
We arrived at Don Mueang Airport (DMK) at 4 AM. Had asked for an early check-in at our 1st hotel (8:00 AM) and started for the hotel at around 7 AM after waiting for a while at airport itself. Verify and negotiate your check-in times in advance with the hotel.We took a taxi (pink) for about 600 Baht including toll fee (Note: We were 5 people on this trip, but owing to our sizes, we were able to adjust in one taxi for short trips) and it took about 35 mins to the hotel. However, it is recommended by most not to bargain with taxis and go for metered ones.Tip: Better carry a map of your hotel(s) for showing to the driver as it is helpful and saves a lot of time.