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Jim Thompson House Rama I Road Bangkok Thailand

Mariya Nalawala
Jim Thompson House, which used to be the home of James H.W. Thompson, who was the spy and silk merchant and was known for the development of the Thai silk industry. This is a great place for the people who want to understand about the architecture of the Thai houses.The house is a fine example of Thompson’s interest in design and color, and became the most popular town. They say suddenly he disappeared while holidaying with friends in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Until today, sadly no one knows what happened to him there.
Second Breakfast
Now head to the Jim Thompson house. He was an ex CIA agent, revered in Thailand for solely reviving the dying Thai silk industry. His house contains artefacts he used. Tours run 9am-5pm daily, 100 baht. I t so happens that back in the day, rich expat people used to poop in a sort of potty that was shaped like an animal. It' s hollow inside and you lift the head, do your thing and cover it back up. Cat potties for men and frog potties for women. Pretty cool,right? Also grab a quick cocktail or artisanal tea at the Jim Thompson restaurant and then head out and eat this . You'll see many massage places near the crepe guy, so try to squeeze one in before you go to do some mall crawling at Siam centre. There are many sprawling malls in Bangkok, which in my opinion can be avoided, but they do have some pretty awesome things to eat. (more on that later).There are definitely more things to do in Bangkok that these covered here, but this guide is to help you get the best of Bangkok in your short trip. Quickly pack all your newly acquired Bangkok goodies and head off to the airport now. You're already planning your next Bangkok trip.Keep reading! This post was originally published on Second Breakfast.
3. CULTURAL MYSTERIES - Thai House and Museum is a place that I had loved to visit. Known as the "House that was the Talk of the Town", it is the home of James H.W. Thompson, the founder of the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. A self made American entrepreneur, Thompson was awarded formally the Order of the White Elephant, a decoration given to foreigners for rendering exceptional service to Thailand, for his contribution to the development of Thai silk industry and brought him fame as the " Legendary American of Thailand". His was one of the most successful postwar stories of Asia and his house still carries his legacy. Somerset Maugham was a guest at Thompson's house and it contains his extensive antique collection of porcelain, sculptures, paintings etc. Thompson's legacy came to a mysterious end when in 1967, he disappeared from a walk in the Cameroon Highlands of Malaysia never to be heard or seen again. Mystery, art, history and literature, Jim Thompson's house is a must visit for legend lovers, art buffs and classical literature book worms.
Anusha Ranganathan
The Jim Thompson House was the main agenda for day 1. The house is interesting and the architecture is spectacular. Jim Thompson's story however is even more intriguing. But while the museum was the star of the day, I was tickled by the little library next door, even better was the old fashioned jukebox that was there. The nice thing about Bangkok, I realised are these little surprises - an old fashioned jukebox, a gaming parlor, a few temples that have not made it to the "popular list", the hospitality and Kaizen coffee.