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Khlong Thom Center วรจักร Bangkok Thailand

Upasna Verma
The Hot Springs Our next destination was the Krabi Hot Springs. Also in the Klong Thom district of Krabi province and part of the Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary itself, a short ten to fifteen minutes drive took us there. At first glance, we were, well, disappointed! Specially since our morning so far had been breathtaking, and our expectations had risen accordingly. A small, murky looking pond with hot water in it? Was that all? Turns out, it wasn’t. A little further was the Hot Spring Mineral Waterfall. Thermal hot springs originate underground in volcanic chambers, the water from which cascades down the rocks. Averaging 35-40 degree Celsius, it is said to be rich in natural mineral salts, claimed to cure myriad health complaints from rheumatism to skin conditions. You can take a dip in the water, but try to beat the crowds if you want any of the calming and therapeutic effects it could offer. Your experience could be like relaxing in an open-air jacuzzi.