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Night Market Ratchaprarop Road Bangkok Thailand

Priya Ray Chaudhuri
We walked back the way we had taken to the Emporium but this time we climbed the stairs to the Sky Train station. A few minutes of disorientation ensured because the Thai self-operated token vending machines would not accept our Baht notes and we had to change them at the counter for loose change to get the job done. We took a train to Chit Lom station and walked to Pratunam Market as this being a week-day the famous Chatuchak was closed. We explored streets lined with stores on one side and street vendors/hawkers on the other and ended up buying a few items of comfort-wear for both of us. Saw a few Thai cats ambling around the food stalls though these were not of the Siamese variety and looked just like our average strays.
pooja thakkar
Pratunam market opposite the Platinum malls is your place to be for dirt cheap street shopping and the ultimate place to fill your wardrobe, be there by 7ish to avoid the crowd. China Town doesn't offer anything for vegetarians and there is dog meat etc hanging everywhere so if you are not the kinds who can stand the sight of it then avoid the China Town. Platinum Mall is has stuff at a slightly expensive range but if you buy in bulk they willingly bargain. Bulk is the way to go, so gather some ladies and have lots of fun.Vegetarian Food is not that hard to get, but there are small individual restaurants located in different parts of Bangkok so a research before exploring that area will not keep you starving. They make alot of personalized stuff in the Pratunam market, its cute and you wouldn't get so much customization here in Mumbai.The junk jewellery is dirt cheap and you'll get lot's wonderful accessories with your tops that you buy if you ask for it and buy in bulk.From your homeland carry not more than 4kgs of luggage and you will thank me. It's very natural to shop till you drop there and each piece of thing liked and not picked will haunt you journey back to your homeland. So please ensure you pick up everything you like as Bangkok is the place to indulge in. 22kgs is your maximum limit to get loaded on in Bangkok and you know you can carry alot in your multiple handbags as well. Bangkok needs it's share of time to swing you effortlessly through the picturesque chao phraya river somewhere into the drunky nights of Khao Sarn road. And it is said over and over again that at Bangkok there is something for everyone at an affordable rate. Timing your itinerary is the best way to go as there is alot to do, but the time is generally less.
Disha Kapkoti
If my food hunt until now looks a little complicated to you, let's take you to the night market in Bangkok. Yes, it's a non-vegetarian's paradise with delectable eats that would often be a sweet surprise on your plate. Occasional grease fires at the stalls added to the atmosphere of this food sanctuary in the heart of the city.