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Patpong Night Market

Rashmi Shetty
>After a day full of wandering and street shopping when hunger strikes its time to taste some authentic Thai food . So we are here in Khao san road. This road is very unique in itself. One end of the road is full of shops for street shopping and hotels which is calm and quite while the other end of the road separated by a crossing junction is full of bars, pubs live band and shows with people drunk and dancing on the roads. It's an once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something like that.. truly it was one crazy night.After midnight and a full day of exploring this lively city it's time to be back to the hotel for some rest. Tomorrow is Gona be a new adventurous day...TIP:: 1.visitors must wear appropriate clothing; this means no exposed shoulders or skin above the knee when entering temple2. Make sure to remove footwear outside the temple.3. When out for shopping you have to use your expert bargaining skills.4. Don't forget to get the traditional Thai massage.5. A must have is the Thai green and red curry , pad Thai noodles to open up your taste buds.My next stop is PATAYA ...Keep following for my update on my Sky diving adventure in pataya...coming soooonnnnnnnn.....Till then happy traveling..keep wandering ... keep exploring
10. GET NAUGHTY - No Bangkok trip is complete without getting a bit naughty and the city's most notorious nightlife remains concentrated around Patpong night market area. Patpong is one of the world's largest red light area, and its action had been immortalized by one James Bond movie. Although Soi Cowboy is supposedly the top naughty nightlife area of Bangkok, at Patpong you can buy excellent cheap remakes of designers bags, gorge on amazing and adventurous local street food (from snails, geese, insects to chicken claws and more) and chilling out with beer and music at one of the endless bars there.
Amuktha Malyada
Last day in Bangkok. Rainy day. We checked out from hotel and found ourselves on streets. Time for some shopping before we leave :P There is a big weekend market in Bangkok and this is the asias biggest market place. So we made a visit to that place.Note: Before buying anything show your best in BARGAINING.
Kunsang Pakhrin
Pat Pong - A little drizzle in the evening, Pat Pong (my first visit to a pole dance bar). A small street market, squeezed in between the 100 neon-lit strip bars offering naughty shows and the famous pole-dancing entertainment. Pat Pong is a night market. You can buy souvenirs here. However, the prices are quite steep in comparison to other such markets in Bangkok. Tips for tourists : Make sure you keep the beer bottles or your drink glasses on the table after you have emptied those. Count the number of drinks you take. If you do not, you are in for a surprise when you see the bill. We got ripped. For four bottles of beer and 6 pegs of whiskey (including 2 pegs drank by the bar girls who came and sat with us), our bill was 4000 Baht. After a long argument we shelled out 2800 Baht(according to the menu prices and our calculation, it was just 1200 Baht). It’s a tough thing to do if you do not know Thai. Somehow my friends were convincing enough, we still paid extra.
Gautam Modi
Generally all malls closed by 8 pm, so early, hmm, what to do? But if you are in Bangkok still shopping is possible- How?? Bangkok is also famous for its ‘Night Market’. Among them one which is the most prominent and famous among tourist is “Patpong Night Market” located in the Silom, district Of Bangkok. The place is always busy and chaotic with all the commotion from the nearby GO GO Bars and lot of foreign Tourists. This market in Bangkok’s notorious nightlife district is a first and the easiest stop for many tourists. The quality and the prices of most of the items sold in the market are as real as it looks. But remember not to be fooled by the first impression and Bargain hard in order to buy something. Both Market and Go Go Bars seems to complement each other well. For More: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hrs. Opening hours: 6pm to 2am (In order to get good deal, reach as the market opens at 6pm) How to get here: Take BTS to Sala Daeng and exit down from one of the right hand stairs. Walk from the main road and as you see that the vendors on the pavement are increasing, you are in the right direction and after 2-3mins you will know you are here. Or ask anybody. What to find here: Shoes, watches, tees, lasers, lamps, handbags etc…