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Safari World

I visited Safari World. I witnessed a variety of exotic marine animals and shows like Orang Utang Monkey Kick Boxing Show, Cowboy Stunt Show, Sea Lion Show, and Dolphin Show. Marine Park makes the trip much more exciting. Also, i had the closest encounter with rare and endangered species of the animal kingdom.
My first day in Bangkok was to the Safari World and I have never felt so elated, clapping hands like a six-year-old, oblivious to others' eyes on me. A fantastic day with so many unique animals from all across the world was what you had to offer me, to celebrate my last birthday as a 20-something.
Shilpa Arora
Third day in Bangkok was Safari World, our day to meet the Marine Life as well as well as other animals like tiger, elephant, giraffe, zebra, pythons, orangutans, poney etc. doing shows and other fun activities. It was a true delight! Though I am sure kids would enjoy it more than adults but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!
Gayatri Cherian
Preeti Choudhary
This was our last day in Bangkok and we have heard a lot about the Safari world so we planned to visit the place. We travelled for about 1 hr to reach there. After reaching there we were handed a map of the area and we went inside. There were different shows like monkey boxing, cowboy show, dolphin show etc and the route and timings for these shows were mentioned in the map. We saw every show and each show was so different and mesmerising. We were spellbound with the performances and couldn’t believe what we were seeing..animals could be so smart. After every show was over we went on further to explore the whole park. There were so many different animals and birds and were provided with their natural environment. There was one more section and to visit that area we were asked to get in the van. Tigers, rhinos, giraffes etc were free to move there and had their own area. The whole day was spent well and in night we found a place which we actually wanted to visit. It was an Indian dance bar. We have never seen any such thing in our life so we were excited. We went inside and saw some girls dancing. It was a proper mehfil. We sat there till 4am, had some drinks, enjoyed Indian music and dance. Back to hotel and after a quick nap off to the airport. Bye bye Bangkok!!