Siam Niramit Bangkok Thailand

Banani Das Dhar
Day 5: A visit to the Floating Market, “Damnoen Saduak” which is a unique experience. You are placed on the boat and are taken to different shops which are floating on the water as the name suggests. One can buy fancy jewelry, Handicrafts, Clothes and eateries. One can enjoy the juicy noodles with the choice of meat or can enjoy the tasty Barbeque freshly prepared Chicken. One should not forget to taste the Famous Coconut Ice cream served with groundnuts. While going towards the hotel, one should also take the benefit of gazing the beautiful creation of Mother Nature- Snakes. One should visit the Snake show which will last for 45mins or so. People play with those poisonous creatures and live their livelihood. One can even enjoy an elephant ride as well!! In the evening, we headed towards the show named as “Siam Niramit” which has the biggest stage in the world. There were more than thousand actors and actresses. This act or play depicts the history of Siam Kingdom and a must watch.