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Suan Mok Bangkok

Manavi Siddhanti
We woke up the next day at noon (I know, right?) and after a brunch, headed straight to MBK mall. This was a straight-up discount mall and there was nothing fancy about it. So if you want fancy stuff like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the likes, head to Siam Paragon. The mall is pretty big and is split up into shops, counters and they also have a couple of mall activations going on in the middle. This is also where a lot of people buy electronics from so if that's on your list, you should check it out (save some money for the top floor). Since there was nothing in particular on our list, I bought things that I saw locals wearing (a striped summer dress, caramel ankle length pants) as well as a cutout top and a white blouse from Bubba which is a wholesale brand in Thailand. I also found a brand called Pena and bought 2 trousers from there.The other thing that you can't ignore about this mall is counterfeit or fake stuff. From LV bags to Cartier bracelets and HUDA Desert Rose Palette, there's a dupe for everything. Is that why the locals are so well dressed? It could be. Locals are almost always well dressed if not stylish. In general, I found the fabric to be a notch better than when I shop online back home.Over the next 2 days, we also headed to Central Mall where I walked so much, I had to buy another pair of flats just to keep up with my shopping. I always check out H&M, Zara, Marks&Spencer etc when I'm in another country because they have other stock and this time, my husband accompanied me to these stores and shopped just as much as me (if not more). We also discovered that we could shop together, but separately which was just another step in our relationship. Like we enter a store together, and then we just find each other when it's time to pay the bill. Do you do that too?After 4 hours of vigorous mall walking, Srijan, who had in his head to buy shoes, found a great deal in ECCO for these amazing maroon-hued kicks at 70% off. So, the point of this story is: you never know when you'll find a good deal in Bangkok.
Ragini Mehra
6. Watch and cheer for a Muay Thai Fight
Husein Haveliwala
Rashmi Shetty
> It's time to visit the largest mall in Bangkok. THE MBK MALL. It is 8 stories building with more than 2000 shops, restaurants and service outlets. It's a one stop for all shopaholics... there is something for everyone here, be it an electronic maniac or fashion diva. Yes you can buy your souvenirs for cheap from this place.
Abhinav Deb
If you are a shopaholic then rush to MBK Center / Siam paragon . Doesn't matter wherever you rush to since it doesn't matter. One enters into Mall A and exits from Mall B . See !!! This is how malls are inter connected with each other. And if you are in Siam Paragon mall then don't miss out the Sealife Bangkok (formerly Siam Ocean World) .