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Sukhumvit Khlong Toei Nuea Bangkok Thailand

Shreya Banerjee
And invariably, having the street food is closely associated with exploring the alleys by walk. Yeah, You guessed it right. All the fun and vibrancy encompass most of the streets in the Central Business District of Sukhumvit and Asok. Starting from Shopping Malls to Multi specialty Restaurants, from Public Transport Terminals to affordable street shops, from 5 star Hotels to street artifact shops, all can be found in this One Kilometer stretch.5. Chatuchak Weekend Market :
Sneha Thakare
Bangkok is a huge city and it takes quite some time to commute from one place to another. You always get traffic on the way. We decided to check out the nightlife at Nana Plaza while we were here. It took us a while to reach there but our lady cab driver was super sweet like most people here in Thailand.
preeti talwar
Lazily strolling after our sumptuous meal, we decided to explore the area around our hotel. We were booked at iCheck Inn, centrally located in Sukhumvit Soi 2, one of the prettiest boutique hotels I had checked into in a long time. Swamped with hotels standing right next to each other, one can be booked either online or be carefree enough to walk in and book yourself a fancy room on the spot. The cherry on the pie being the fact that despite their hot cake location they do not burn a hole in your pocket, the room rent ranging from 30 - 40 $ a night. The market here is packed with spas and massages and yes, before we forget, a very friendly reminder to all those lovely ladies walking out with their men - do not leave him alone even for a second or consider him taken. Now that comes from personal experience and well I had my guard on, on all nights after. The pubs, lounges and restaurants are never far from sight in Bangkok, to say the least, a very reverberating and booming place to hang around.
Sukhumvit- If you are looking for nightlife and adult entertainment, then look no further then this area. Having all the bars on each side of this narrow iconic street and Nana, the other adult nightlife and entertainment area. This is definitely a must place to stay while in Bangkok if you are looking for nightlife fun!
Priya Ray Chaudhuri
Passport stamped, the signs lead out to the taxi bay where on the press of a button one is assigned a bay number and the cab parked there will take the passenger to their destination. Easy enough! My first encounter with a Thai local was my cab driver who had very limited English but still managed to tease me by mispronouncing my hotel name deliberately to make me laugh. From Suvarnabhumi to Sukhumvit is about a 30-40 minute drive on elevated fly-over highways which have intermittent toll booths. Having the driver take care of all the toll fees is a good idea on the maiden cab ride in the cab fare came to 820THB right to my hotel doorstep.