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Sukhumvit Soi 38 Night Food Market

He took us to a Hotel where we had some good food. And then we headed towards Bangkok to our Hotel at Sukhumvit. It took us 3 u turns to find the Hotel and we were did donuts again and again in the same road until we figured that the Hotel was inside the gully. We were under an impression that the hotel name was Capital. But the actual name is "Waterford Diamond". You will never find such massive rooms for such a less price tag. I was surprised and impressed. The rooms that we took were like a 3 BHK flat in an apartment. We took 2 rooms in the hotel. Once we settled in our rooms, some of us (Ashwin, Prasad, Sandy and I) went out and decided to have some Indian Food. Although the food was amazing, the bill wasn't. It was the expensive Indian Food that I ever had in my life. Day Five - Bye Bye Bangkok and Back to Bombay
Shriranjani Rao
5. Foot reflexology or plain foot massage– Honestly we were apprehensive about these places. Spattered in Sukhumvit, we finally went to one. Their foot massage is quite tranquilizing. There is a traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho (yes, the temple) for around 400 baht and another by the Foundation of Blind for close to 200 baht. We opted for a place on Sukhumvit soi 11 near the condo we were staying and paid around 250 baht for a 40 minute massage. Quite relaxing after a long walking day!Getting around Bangkok:§ Fancy bright coloured tuk-tuks glamourize an otherwise ordinary city ride. Inspite of all reviews about Tuk-tuks overcharging (taxis by 2 times); it is still worth an experience. Our driver zipped through nooks and corners, even parking lots, from Siam Paragon Mall on Rama Road to Sukhumvit in an unbelievable 20 mins (peak traffic time). Thereby dodging Bangkok’s notorious traffic snarls.§ Boats are a great way to get around Bangkoks ‘klongs’ (canals) to take in locals’ lives and their abodes.§ Air-conditioned cabs are most comfortable and it is best to flag a running taxi.Stay @ –Serviced Apartment @ Circle Condo booked via AirbnbAdventures and misadventures-There are 2 airports in Bangkok. One is Suvarnabhumi and the other Don Muaeng International airport. Air Asia operates its flights from the latter. Our cab driver offloaded us off hurriedly at Suvarnabhumi (deceptivelyL) and zipped away. Don Muaeng is 40 kms away from Suvarnabhumi. By God’s grace, we were able to get to our flight because it was morning 4 a.m. Otherwise, a bad after taste of Bangkok would have stayed!Phuket-
The much renowned Dasa book cafe (on Sukhumvit Road) is one of my favourite places in Bangkok and I have spent many hours poring over their rare travel book collection. Siam TLR on Mahatun Plaza Building had been recommended to me by a local photographer and while I had seen better such shops in Mumbai, I had spent an afternoon there going through its vintage cameras (Kodak, Polaroid etc), retro desk phones and big radios. I have especially liked their shelves of camera tinkerings and rarest of the rare, film rolls.
Anusha Ranganathan
Dinner was a love affair with street food. The streets of Sukhumvit really come alive at night with several late night food stalls offering a myriad of dining options. Many cafes have bands playing which coupled with the street dining, the youth and the tourists makes for an amazing experience.
Book Shop Bar + La Na Thai Restaurant Have a drink at Book Shop. Designed by Ashley Sutton, this bar boasts flying bookshelves and books that are suspended mid-air, quite like the world of Harry Potter.(Sukhumvit Soi 38; +66-2/187-4949). Afterwards, walk across the road to La Na Thai for dinner, a Thai house fashioned like a Caravansary: a meeting spot on the silk route ( Lan KittichaiRESTAURANT: IssayaSIGNATURE DISH: Banana Blossom