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The Grand Palace

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It’s probably the most well-known attraction in Bangkok, and it’s top of the bucket list for the majority of first-time visitors to Thailand. There’s little denying the beauty and splendour of the Grand Palace, but a few insider tips can make your trip even better.Entry Fee : The Grand Palace admission fee is 500 THB (INR 1000) as there’s no getting away from it – but it’s a better deal than it might seem at first glance. In addition to allowing you to take in the undeniable splendour of the Grand Palace complex itself, which includes Wat Phra Kaew (the Temple of the Emerald Buddha), you also get access to Bang Pa In Palace in Ayutthaya, Sanam Chandra Palace in Nakhon Pathom, and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall in Bangkok’s Dusit area.Places to see at the Grand Palace
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All these temples are located in close vicinity. Book a cab through GRAB and enter the drop location to the Grand Palace. The rest can be explored on foot.Siam Paragon is one of the most expansive complexes that houses the Wax Museum, the Ocean World and also offers bountiful opportunities to window shop as the complex has posh brand stores. To reach Siam Paragon, we used Bangkok Sky Train (map here).Accommodation in BangkokWe stayed with our uncle but Airbnb and can help you book budget hotels. It is advisable to book six months in advance lest you miss the amazing deals.Sukhumvit Soi 18 ——– Don Muang (Bangkok)The distance between Sukhumvit Soi 18 and Don Muang is 24.8 km. Book a cab through GRAB and that will charge you between 600-700 THB. Don Muang is the domestic airport and if you are planning to travel to Phuket next, you will have to catch a plane from here.Bangkok ——- Phuket
The enter'y fee is 500 Baht which may seem quite expensive but the expense is worth it, as after all you get to see God's heaven on Earth and also the Kings residence. Golden Buddhas, emeralds, beautifully colored stones all around! Your'e eyes might hurt to see such brightness! It was a wonderful experience visiting this place!TIPS :1. Carry water bottles as it might get a little exhausting.2. Go to the palace early in the morning, to avoid the crowds as many people visit this place.3. Avoid the long lines4. A big camera is a must! you don't want to miss out the beauty of the palace.INSIDE THE PALACE :
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When you say Bangkok, many words come into mind- busy life, traffic jams, sunny hot , street food , night life and Buddha temples. After going through almost all the experiences, finally we reach at Khao San road where we booked our hotel.
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Grand Palace is situated in the heart of Bangkok and is built across the bank of river Chao Phraya. The swaying reflection of this ornamented landmark in the river will leave you in an awe with its beauty and architecture. It is one of the top tourist destination in Thailand as it has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. As you walk in from the main entrance, on your left you can see the conglomerate of perfectly aligned building adorned with crimson sloping roofs and golden spires. The biggest of all is the bell shaped stupa with a tall pointed spire, representing the Buddha and his path to enlightenment.The largest of the palace buildings is the Grand palace hall, also known as Chakri Mahaprasat. The exterior of the building is a beautiful blend of Italian renaissance and Thai architecture as each building is mounted with layered ornamented spires. I must say this monument is an inspiration for all architects and engineers to design and create something unique.The Borombhiman hall, located at the eastern corner of the complex building was the royal Residence of King Rama VI. Today, it is guarded by armed troopers and can only be viewed through its iron gates. Although, if you are lucky you might get the chance to see the “Changing of Guards”. It is an interesting ceremony where the old guard hand over the responsibility of protecting the palace to the new guard. Both the guards religiously follow the choreographed routine before they exchange places.
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The Grand palace in Bangkok is one of the best tourist places to visit in Thailand. The palace easily made it to the top of this list for its grandeur, stunning architecture and its regal history. Though the palace is almost two centuries old, it still continues to impress and awe visitors. The palace grounds also house many other magnificent buildings, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). Though the temple is built in authentic Thai style, the palace is a fusion of European and Thai architecture. The Grand Palace is a treat to the artful eyes.2. Phang Nga Bay
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2. Splendor gazing @ Grand Palace- A half day tour is what it takes for a rendezvous with royalty. A venue for certain royal ceremonies, the Palace is a testament to Thai grandeur and architecture. Built on the lines of the erstwhile Ayutthaya palace, its grandiosity is distinctive. At the heart of the palace is the Emerald Buddha, Thailand’s most revered statue. The 3D murals are quite brilliant and add charm to the craftsmanship.
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The next day, throw in some culture as an antidote to your night of debauchery. Head to the Grand Palace and Wat Prakhew. It was the official residence of the Thai kings for nearly two centuries until 1946.
Upasna Verma
We visited the Grand Palace, the Palace Grounds and also visited the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Just a walk away, we went to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and finally went to the Temple of Dawn. I’d be lying if I said we still had the energy to continue our Temple Run after this, with the sun, the walking and the climbing. We decided to call it a day, despite not visiting Wat Saket, or the Golden Mount. Gives me a reason to go back, I suppose. :)
Upasna Verma
Begin the day early. Opening times for most attractions in Thailand are 08:00 am so our plan was to set out early. We wanted to reach the Grand Palace by about 09:00 am, so that we could explore the Palace Grounds, visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, then walk over to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and finally visit the Temple of Dawn; all in the first half of the day. Post a late lunch we then planned to head towards Wat Saket or the Golden Mount; known for offering great views over Bangkok.What actually happened:We were able to set out only by around 10:00 am. Not only was the previous night our first night in Bangkok but it was also a Saturday night. Well, lets just say alcohol was involved, so waking up at the crack of dawn was a bit out of the question. As a result, we were able to explore only the Grand Palace before lunch; with the others on the itinerary pushed to after. We never made it to Wat Saket at all.
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Bangkok is famously known for its Buddhist temples. The most significant among those were the Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of Emerald Buddha situated near the Grand Palace Complex. The Wat Pho or the Temple of Reclining Buddha is another important temple complex situated just outside the Grand Palace Complex. "Wat" in Thai means Temple. This whole cluster is situated beside the River Chao Praya.
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Day 2 began with a scrumptious breakfast at our hotel followed by an exotic massage at the Sabaidee Massage center. Another word of caution, choose your massage parlors carefully and look for “Massage Only” on their rate cards. Less than 10 $ and there I was, feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to enjoy much much more of this megalopolis. Enjoying our tuk-tuk ride to our next destination, The Grand Palace, our driver complaint of the never-ending traffic jams the city had begun to see. Staring at the landscapes with the high-rise buildings glaring back at me, I was absolutely stunned by how pretty and massive this city has turned out to be.Once we got there and bought our passes at about 15 $ each, the first sight of The Grand Palace definitely satisfied our lust for exotic. Remarkable maze of buildings constructed in oriental Thai style, mounting roofs with colors ranging from white to glamorous gold is definitely a unforgettable sight. The venue was packed with tourists and all of us were left breathless by the beautiful paintings and intricate drawings across walls. Pausing for a bit and offering our prayers to Lord Buddha was definitely nothing but the most peaceful few moments of the day.Back into the burg, we visited one of the go - go bars on the streets of Bangkok, which was a first for me. The touts at the door shoved us inside and soon a waitress dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit got us our drinks. The bar was lit with glimmering red and orange lights and throbbing with loud music. As the girls clung on their poles dancing away, I noticed the individuals present in the room were a mix of tourists and a few couples like us who could not leave Bangkok without experiencing it’s night life. Few beers and a hell ova time later we headed back to our hotel as we had an early bird flight to catch.
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Day 2- was spent at the beautiful grand Palace & Wat Pho.Again our jaws dropped at this beautiful architectureThere was just so much history in each part of the complex.The palace complex, like the rest of Ratanakosin Island, is laid out following the general outline of Ayutthaya palaces.The Outer Court, near where you enter the complex today, housed the government departments in which the king was directly involved, such as civil administration, including the army, and the treasury.
Temples - Thailand is a Buddhist country and there are temples all over the city. Trip to Bangkok would not be complete without visit to these temple. Temples are beautifully decorated with glittery and colorful glasses. Almost every temple has a strict dress code. No short pants and sleeveless tops. There are around 400 temples in Bangkok. Wat Phra Kaew which is located in the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha), Wat Arun (The temple of Dawn), Wat Mahatat are worth a visit. Plan a trip to these temples early in the morning before tourists start crowding them. You can also get to see the monks performing their daily rituals. Most of these temple close by around 5-6 pm. All these temple are located along the Chao Phra river so taking the Chao Phra river boat is the fastest and cheapest to reach these temples. You can buy the day pass which costs 150 baht and hop on and off at multiple spots.
No ripped jeans, no short T-shirts for women either. You must have long pants and cover as much as you can on top as well especially if you are a woman. They are very strict on dress code there and will turn you around if they do not see fit.
The Grand Palace: I walked towards the Grand Palace entrance, which is about 5 mins walking distance from the market. The entry ticket to The Grand Palace was whopping 400 Bath for foreign nationals. Note that the admission fee also includes an admission ticket to Vimanmek Mansion and several other sights around Bangkok that can be used within seven days of your Grand Palace visit. For Thai Nationals, I think, it was free. This palace was the official residence of the Kings of Siam (now, Thailand) since 1782, until they moved to the new Chitralada Palace (Dushit Palace Complex) in 1925, where they still reside. Be aware that everyone (means everyone including females) have to cover legs to the ankles and arms to the wrists, before entering in the premises. You can hire them from the palace for 200 Baht which you would get back when you return the items, however it is not guaranteed. The Grand Palace is open every day from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, unless it's being used for a state function, which is quite rare. The Royal Pantheon in Temple of the Emerald Buddha is only open one day a year, on 6 April.
Ticket counter is just adjacent to the pier, near the platform. From Arthit Pier, I caught a boat going to Tha Chang, nearest pier to the Grand Palace. There are various types of boats operate on the river, local as well as express. They can be identify on the basis of a colored flag on the top of every boat. So, always make sure whether your boat will stop at the right pier or not, before boarding it. Sometimes, you may have to wait upto 30 minutes to get a right boat. Ferry ride till the Tha Chang Pier was very short, but really exciting. Moving on the Chao Phraya River in a ferry gave me a real taste of stilt houses and life along the river. After, coming outside the Tha Chang pier, I came across a local market with the numerous stalls selling from breakfasts, fruits, soft drinks, ice creams, stones, horoscopes, shoes to the fried fishes.
Anusha Ranganathan
After moving into my new hostel, I went to the Grand Palace. The Palace needs at least 2-3 hours. The detailing and the several structures are impressive. The windows stood out to me. The shape and design feels like it could belong in a Disney castle.
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Plan for the Day 1. Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok 2. Wat Phra Keaw, Bangkok 3. Wat Pho, Bangkok 4. Wat Arun, Bangkok 5. Sea Life, Bangkok 6. Thai cuisine
Gaze At The Magnificence Of The Grand Palace
Priya Ray Chaudhuri
It was nearly noon by the time we reached the Grand Palace. At the entrance itself our apparel was deemed inappropriate for entry so we had to rent long wraparound skirts from a stall and drape them around our waists. I cannot even begin to describe the grandeur and beauty of the Grand Palace. It was a sight to be marvelled at. The Palace complex boasts of many buildings of different styles: some intricately carved wood, others gilded and studded with stones. There are long covered walkways with the walls depicting intricate battle scenes and narrating stories of the Siam of yore.
Disha Kapkoti
I'm at the Grand Palace Bangkok and it feels somewhat like time travel. The grandeur of the architecture of the previous century comes alive at the first sight of the colourful rooftops of the palace. It's this palace that first gave Bangkok the status of a capital city. The temple inside the compound of the palace is also the seat of the Emerald Buddha. During the years of absolute monarchy in the country, the palace was the religious and administrative centre for the people of Thailand.
Anusha Ranganathan
This is a beautiful palace. The architecture is spectacular.The Museum of the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Collection of coins and the pavillion/museum displaying arms are interesting. The colours and the detailing in the structures, the beautiful windows and the armed guards are worth one's attention.