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Anusha Ranganathan
Next on the list for this day was a quick visit to the Victory Monument and to the street markets around it. The monument is a monolithic structure at the junction of several roads. It is simple and yet effective. The street markets in this area is where the locals shop. While one may not want to buy much here(the endless display of shoes and clothes gets tiring), it is an interesting place to just walk around and see the city for what it is, beyond the tourist trappings.Dinner was at Terminal 21 near MRT Asok, the food court is huge with every cuisine one can think of(Sushi, burgers, pasta, Thai food, Malay, Indonesian! How does one pick?), it can be a little chaotic, like the city itself but it is interesting and fun, just like the city!I only had until 2 pm on day 5, after which I had to leave for the airport. I spent the time just walking around Riverside and then at Terminal 21(the shopping mall). I also found time to buy ten packs of Wrigleys 5 gum(it costs 25% of what it does in Bangalore!). I left for the airport an hour earlier(around 2) so I could pick my seats and explore the stores at the airport. Bangkok is an extremely interesting city, and is a convenient gateway to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. There is also Ayuththaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket that are easily accessible from here. This city is worth visiting several times just to relax(and shop). The one thing I have taken back with me is how pleasant and cheerful people are. So book your tickets and say Sawasdee to Bangkok!#SwipeRightToTravel
Kin Enriquez
How to Get there: Taking the BTS train, you may get off at Siam or Ratchathewi station and walk to the direction of the building. The supertall is not easy to miss. There is a 250 baht entrance fee to get to the observation deck, but it comes with a free drink at the Rooftop.Siam Ocean World
Anusha Ranganathan
This is a monolithic structure has been built in honour of the army, navy, air force, police and the militia. The bridge around it provides great views of the city. However, the real fun lies in the general area where normal people shop and eat. The little kiosk like shops here sell great clothes, shoes and what have you!
Angela Ao
here, i went to the boat noodle alley where they only serve boat noodles in every restaurant, all different types of boat noodles. 1 bowl for just 10 bhat, and apparently the more you stack up your bowls the better you are.