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Yaowarat Road Bangkok Thailand

Devansh Dhar
Bangkok as a city did not charm me as a traveller. Crowded streets, over-hyped venues, the infinite myriad of shopping malls & massage parlours and more taxis than people took off whatever good image of Bangkok I conjured up during my 3 day stay at Koh Samui. However, an evening in Chinatown was just what I needed for unwinding. It is as crowded as it can get, but the brightness of the neon lights and the constant echoes of the delightful hawkers, all made up for a wonderful experience.
Rashmi Shetty
> Chinatown (also known as the Vegas of Thailand ) in Bangkok is at Ko Ratankosin and retains much of its original character. It's here that you can find a lot of variety of Thai and Chinese food from sea food to chicken and duck as well as all possible insects grilled on the stick. But the famous and most costly among everything is the shark fin.
Sneha Thakare
Later in the evening we took the famous Tuk Tuk ride to China Town. This street is mostly frequented by the locals and hosts a wide variety of street side food stalls. Yearly vegetarian festival was going on at that time. We relished on some freshly made mango juice while we were here. We did not have much Thai Bahts with us so we decided to try ATMs which are at every few blocks on this street.But after trying 5-6 ATMs we realised that drawing cash from any machine 200 Bahts is levied as processing charge. So please stock up on cash before you get here or withdraw a larger amount to save some bucks.
Shruti Sidhan
Day 1-Experienced the best food at China Town
Pamela Macnaughtan
A visit to Chinatown is a MUST in pretty much every city that has a Chinatown, but especially in Bangkok. Chinatown has a labyrinth of souvenir streets, which are even more crowded than you’d think. When you think another person could not possibly walk past, a scooter comes by. It’s a crazy hot mess and totally worth it.