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September - February
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Bentota Beach

Ashmita Sharma
It was 1st January 2018 and we three were ready and excited to visit and explore the city of Bentota. Bentota is a famous and beautiful beach in the south western belt of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a lot of conversation projects where one can visit and infact volunteer in the protection of the most endangered marine species, the Turtles.
Saheli Bera
Bentota is a perfect place to have some salt in your hair and sands on your feet. The sea rolls its foaming waves on to sand banks and it makes a silky smooth flow through your feet. This place bags some lovely, tranquil beaches for a leisure evening walk and photography.
Gunjan Upreti
Scuba, sailing, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, wind surfing, or canoeing; stop counting because Bentota Beach is equipped with activities for all kinds of sea goers looking to have a great time. From luxury to budget, you will find all kinds of accommodation at Bentota Beach.Things to do: Enjoy a scenic cycle tour; Indulge in water-sports; If you're with kids, the Turtle Hatchery at the beach would be a lovely place to go
 You can try out some water sports like Jet Skiing, sailing etc and also take a boat ride on the Bentota river where you can spot some wild crocs if you are lucky. You can even interact with some baby crocodiles here.
 Beruwala and Bentota are popular exotic beaches along the Colombo- Galle road located about 65km from Colombo. The Bentota lagoon stretches parallel to the beach adding a vista of tranquillity, with its tropical greenery and islets rich in bird life. Beruwala and Bentota are havens to tourists with accommodation to suit every budget, a range of Ayurveda treatments, and an array of water sports leaving the adventurer spoilt for choice! This tourist destination offers you water skiing on the rivers or estuaries, snorkelling, scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing, fishing and a host of other activities to suit your mood.