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A travellers paradise, Sri Lanka, has a lot to offer. Colombo/Kandy give you the city experience, Bentota/Galle/Trincomalee give you the beach experience, Nuwara Eliya gives you the hilly experience - Sri Lanka has all this and more to offer to enthusiastic travellers. Go ahead and plan your next trip to Sri Lanka, explore its ancient heart, gorge on their delicious cuisine, get to know their culture and have the time of your life.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Colombo is the gateway to Sri Lanka for most travellers. Don't be tempted to simply pass through this diverse and interesting city. Spend a couple of days exploring the capital before you move on to the rest of Sri Lanka! Move around the city, discover it, soak in the culture, party through the night and live the city life in Colombo.

Sky Lounge, The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo 01

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Colombo may not be the most happening city at night but the Colombo 01 area has quite a lot to offer. This bar at the top of The Kingsbury Hotel offers a spectacular view of Colombo 01 on one side and the very controversial Chinese port on the other side. Sip on some wine, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the view from up there.

Bentota, Western Province, Sri Lanka

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The beach town of Bentota offers some of the most pristine beaches to travellers. The white sand and crystal clear water is pleasing to the eye. Thronged by tourists all year round, Bentota has a wide variety of - top of the line - beach resorts for you to stay at. This sleepy town gives you that much needed break from the hustle bustle of city life.

Bentota Beach

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Let the cool sea breeze gently caress your hair while you watch the sun set against tall coconut trees. Lay down, relax and let go off all worries and tensions in life!

Hikkaduwa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

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Hikkaduwa is another tiny beach town on the way to Galle from Colombo/Bentota. There are two routes to Galle, while one is through the expressway, the other one takes you right along the coast through tiny villages and towns on the west coast. I would suggest you take the 'road not taken'.

Hikkaduwa is one such town that lies mid way between Bentota and Galle. Just like Bentota, Hikkaduwa too is known for it's pristine beaches. The Tsunami literally caused havoc in this town and it has now been slowly rebuilt, though some of the damage caused is still clearly visible.

Galle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

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Galle is another small city in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is primarily known for it's cricket and is also home to the Sri Lankan Navy's Southern Command. A fairly busy town, Galle, has quite a lot of history attached to it.

The Galle Fort has an overwhelming Dutch influence that is still prevalent in the fort area. Weather permitting, one could spend hours walking around the tiny, calm, serene streets of Galle Fort while soaking in all the ancient Dutch architecture.

Ginger Beer!

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The weather in these parts of Sri Lanka is quite unbearable. Ginger beer is the staple drink of Sri Lanka and the hot-humid weather makes it the best thing possible that could ever happen to mankind! It quenches your thirst like nothing else can and even beats sprite when it comes to 'bhujaye pyaas'. I actually wouldn't mind smuggling some of these bottles into India to beat the heat!

Sri Lankan Cuisine

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You cannot leave Sri Lanka without gorging on their delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. It isn't too far off from the kind of food we eat back home in India but you can't leave a country without trying the local cuisine. Gorge on the string hoppers, Kottu, devilled chicken, pittu, roti, dal and the huge variety of seafood it has to offer!

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