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Post Office Mangalta

Akshita J
Lisa, a German teenager, and I left the farm and after a long journey, which involved hiking, hitchhiking, multiple buses and a taxi, reached Mangalta, a tiny village hidden from the eyes of tourists. We spent our days walking and hiking, and our nights eating meals under the stars and sharing stories. One such day, we ended up hiking to another village (essentially 4 houses on a mountain) and got invited by a kind lady for a cup of chai. Being a non-chai drinker, I refused initially, but upon further pressing, I gave in. That day my love for sugarless tea in a stranger's house in the mountains was hatched. Just as we finished our tea, the men of the house returned for lunch and insisted we eat something before leaving. Not wanting to take from their limited resources, we relentlessly refused. Until they offered us dahi. Lisa and my eyes lit up like the full moon on a starless night. We polished two whole bowls each before heading out.The next day, we walked to a secluded waterfall. Being the only people there, we decided to take a dip in the cold, clear water. Actually, we already decided that once I slipped into the stream halfway to the falls and got drenched waist down.