Berlin Wall Memorial 1/2 by Tripoto

Berlin Wall Memorial

Santa Jocita
Everybody knows the history of Berlin wall, it divided the country into East Germany and West Germany. The Wall was a 155km-long symbol of oppression that turned West Berlin into an island of democracy within a sea of socialism. There’s a memorial in the spot where Peter Fechter died on Zimmerstrasse. Wondering who is Peter Fechter? Well, he was a German bricklayer, He was about 18 when he became the first vitcim of Berlin wall's border guards who tried to cross over to reach West Germany. The tour begins from East side gallery to Bernauer Strasse. It is an open-air art exhibition on the banks of river Spree. There are more memorials of the wall victims just to the South of Reichstag on the eastern of Scheidemannstrasse. There are bike tours that guide you along part of the wall. There's 160km-long Berliner Mauerweg signpost, they have created a path for walking and cycling.