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Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

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Brandenburger Tor
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Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is a beautiful town gate near western end of the avenue Unter den Linden. It is famous because it symbolizes the division of Germany and the country’s reunification. The gate was named Friedenstor (Peace Gate) because it symobolized peace at the time of difficult war. he sandstone structure is composed of 12 Doric columns, the gate has five passages. The central and widest one was reserved for the royals, the adjacent passages were used by the aristocrats while ordinary citizens used the outer two. The Brandenburg Gate, a monumental gate it is the national symbol of Germany, it was built in the eighteenth century, the gate stood between East and West Germany and is Berlin's most famous landmark. The gate is decorated with reliefs and sculptures. The design of the Brandenburg Gate was inspired by the Acropolis in Athens. The monument is crowned with the sculpture of the Quadriga, a four-horsed chariot driven by Victoria, the winged goddess of victory.