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Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie)

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The Alte National Galerie (Old national gallery) houses one of the most important collections of 19th century painting in Germany and includes masterpieces by Caspar David Friedrich, Adolph Menzel Edouard Manet Claude Monet, not to mention Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin. The Alte National Galerie is one of the five museums forming the ensemble known as Berlin’s Museum Island – a UNESCO World Heritage site. The architect Stüler, his building resembles a Greek temple. Sculptures on the tympanum show Germania, the personification of the German nation, as a patron of the arts. The temple is raised and rests on an enormous pedestal. Massive steps outside the neoclassical-style building lead to a platform in front of the portico. The Old National Gallery is most well-known for its fine collection of nineteenth-century paintings. The Alte Nationalgalerie also boasts the world's largest collection of works by Adolph von Menzel, one of the most prominent German artists of the nineteenth century. The museum also has a collection of statues, including many works from German sculptors Christian Daniel Rauch, Johann Gottfried Schadow and Reinhold Begas. There are also some bronzes by Auguste Rodin on display.