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Shivangi Johri
18. TiergartenIt is also known as Berlin's green lung. This place is full of greenery.After a tiring day, we sat for a few minutes in a lush green garden.
Ankita & Mohit
Tiergarten Park
Trisha Singh
The Brandenburg gate leads to Tiergarten, one of the largest urban parks and one of the most stellar places to visit in Germany. The perfect place to spend an afternoon under the sun. Au naturale, if you dare, but only in designated areas (look for signs reading FKK) .
Jill & Curtis
Tiergarten Park is a huge park in the middle of the city. It has streams, statues and a musical bell tower. The western edge connects to the Zoo. The eastern edge holds the Brandenburg Gate, along which the wall used to run. We spent over an hour riding around there and still didn’t see half of it. In the evening at Brandenburg Gate (located at the far East end of the park) we found musical talents entertaining the tourists as well as neon lite pedicabs (similar to a rickshaw but more pod like) waiting to zip you around town.