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Bryce Canyon National Park

Mark Mobley
We drove back to Bryce Canyon before sunrise the next morning to catch the sunrise. We took pictures at Sunrise Point, then worked our way up the canyon to the top, at over 9000 ft. of elevation. We took several hikes along the way.
Mark Mobley
We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park to see the Milky Way at night in the dark skies. We drove out to Sunset Point to take photos and watch the stars.
Swati Tiwari
Next day we went to Bryce Canyon park. You can take your car there but if it's holiday season then parking becomes a lil difficult on major view points especially from 10 to 4pm. First we went to 'inspiration point' and what can I say about that, it was breathtaking. I have never seen anything like that in my life and believe me I travel a lot. It was something out of the world. From every point there are trails so as per your level you can take any. This park has breathtaking views which really really got me into believing that somebody is up there who has carved every single stone and made it so beautiful. This park has orange-White stones mostly. Maps are self explanatory. We hiked a little bit on some easy hikes. This park has loops, Windows , huddups and a wonderful natural bridge all made of rocks and Stones. We took a small trail from rainbow point. This park is photogenic... Lol!! You take any picture and it will be beautiful. We did a lot of stupid poses here. It's almost a 5 hour drive back to Salt Lake City. So after stopping at every single point and few hikes we finished the park in 5 hours. If you are not hiking then this park can be visited In 2-3 hours. Then we headed back to the city.
Priyakanth Manda