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The Royal Botanical Gardens

If you're bored on a Sunday afternoon, I would definitely, definitely recommend the boardwalk at the Royal Botanical Gardens! Enter at Cherry Hill Gate and have a meander. If you follow the boardwalk all the way, you come out by a cemetery. Have a mooch around there and you may even see the pair of nesting golden eagles! This is a particularly fun thing to do on a Sunday because the boardwalk is filled with photographers lying down across the board walk, trying to get shots of the most amazing flora and fauna! The children out walking with their families seem to be of the super cute and super polite variety. In the spring, the blossoms are coming through and everything thrives. In the summer it is so nice to walk in some shade and escape the heat a little! In the autumn it is so pretty walking through the awesome colours of the trees. In the winter it is slippy and treacherous on the icy path, but so nice and snowy and frosty and fun! The animals are amazing down there, the plants are so perfectly well managed, the water steadily passes along the side of the path and the people are perfectly lovely.