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September - May
Couples, Friends, Families
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Palolem Beach

It is beach located in Canacona, Goa and is quite untouched by tourists, it is inhabited by foreign tourists and local fishermen and is about 1.60kms in length and was also showcased in the movie The Bourne Supremacy.
Rebeccaly Assumi
If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday Palolem is just the right place. This place offers you serenity . A real treat to the eyes and the soul. Everything is right here. You can’t help but fall in love with this place.
prasoon padhye
Next morning we had breakfast at "The Old chef" serving multiple cuisines close to our stay. We left for Palolem, the Sunday crowd made us park far from beach and we checked into "Neptune Point Beach Resort"
prasoon padhye
Most of the Hotels, hostels, beach shacks etc in Palolem were Jam packed and without a pre booked place we could not find a suitable stay for night. Thus we booked a homestay in Agonda which is just a 20 min drive from Palolem.
The Roving Man
I personally suggest a long drive in a bike or in an open car from to Palolem Beach, where you’ll witness the views, stunning enough to hypnotize you, specially the views from the hilltop where you’ll see the endless Arabian Sea and the vivid horizon. Maybe you’ll claim to have same experience in Western Ghats on India, but mind me sir, South Goan roads are much different than just mountains and waterfalls.I know the beaches of Goa and even the experience of having vacations in Goa itself is an ecstatic affair, but I still stay confused that how these roads remained unsung yet. Goa is more than beaches and nightclubs, only if you explore.
Soul & Fuel