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Palolem Beach

It is beach located in Canacona, Goa and is quite untouched by tourists, it is inhabited by foreign tourists and local fishermen and is about 1.60kms in length and was also showcased in the movie The Bourne Supremacy.
Vinnie Singh
22. Check out the backwaters of Palolem - If you are not comfortable with heading out into the ocean, you could start with practising in Palolem's backwaters. The mangroves which flank it are home to several species of birds and a breeding site for many marine animals.
Vinnie Singh
11. Shop for trinkets at Palolem - If you're on the Agonda beach, you might not see a lot of people on the beach even during the high season. If the lack of people gets a little overwhelming for you, head over to Palolem. It's among the most touristy beaches of South Goa with a lot of eating out and shopping options. Shop for trinkets for friends and family back home from here, but sharpen your bargaining skills before you do that!
omprakash gurung
So it was finally the time to explore the destination that every individual visits at least once in their life "GOA" the place to let yourself be carefree. However the initial planning of the trip started off in a shaky phase as I had to make a choice between the trip (who can say NO to Goa) and my seniors farewell party (where I could have equally enjoyed) as both the plans fell in the same period. But yes indeed I chose Goa over the party. I had the opportunity to visit both North and South Goa and without a doubt it was one of the best trips that I had taken so far.
Rachael Pereira
3. Colva beach Colva is a beautiful beach in the village of Salcette. It's One of the few beaches where a person can actually relax away from the crowd and commercial areas. It is also considered as a safe beach for swimming
Sonal Agarwal
A clean crescent-shaped beach white sand beach along with swaying coconut trees in the area is what Palolem Beach in South Goa is all about. Mostly inhabited by fishermen, the beach is relatively less crowded and one can get cheaper accommodation during monsoon. Get to know the lifestyle of these fishermen or get yourself an ayurvedic massage on the beach, Palolem Beach has something to offer to all its visitors in all the seasons.
Harini Sridharan
I had the best time at this lesser known beach called Palolem Beach which is situated approximately 90 kms away from the main city; so technically it isn’t completely Goa. We stumbled upon it by accident online and booked it without knowing anything about it. Let me jot down the highlight points of our trip so that anyone who wishes to have a serene experience in Goa can consult this!
    From Cavelossim we embarked to Palolem Beach. Also situated in South Goa, it is the most famous beach. It is crescent shaped which adds to its uniqueness. Greenery on one side and sea on the other. It’s a beach where lot of foreigners linger. Perfect beach for relaxation, just lie down and listen to music, take a walk on the beautiful white sand, make sand castles. Monkey Island is near to Palolem beach. It also offers a lot of activities like kayaking, dolphin spotting and paddleboard. You enjoy swimming here. The beach also offers a great market place. Nightlife here is said to be the best compared to others, mostly famous for its ‘silent parties’ where people go wearing headphones. Well this is monsoon. So, away from the usual crowd, you get to enjoy the pristine Goa beach.
Siddharth Bangera
prasoon padhye
Palolem is a beautiful, clean and tranquil beach, we could not resist to jump into the sea. We kept shifting in and out of it swimming, running, jumping and playing football, volleyball whatsoever it felt like. Palolem is such a joy to swim, a long flat beach with mild waves. After spending a couple of hours in water and around the beach we decided to go for kayaking as these kayaks were frequently distracting us moving in and out of water. I never had a shot on that and it was undeniably one of the unforgettable experience, besides a caution to not get near rocks, there were certainly no instructions or training just get into sea and cruise against the waves for as long as you can. It was a physically exhausting task but losing sight of the shore heading to a secluded and shimmering sea where once in a while a few boats or fellow kayaks crossed our path was a genuine adventure. We truly relished the sight of distant appealing beaches and blue waters beneath our boat, coming back to the beach we were totally drained but at the same time satisfied and delighted.
Revan Puranik
Coming down from Margao for 30 Km there is a village called Palolem, The Palolem beach is the best beach I ever visited till now. The beach is located on the foothills of western ghats and the view is splendid. This beach is no less than any north Goa beaches they have got good numbers of shacks, guest houses , hostels. they even got a island resort which is mesmerizing . They have even got good number of liquor shops, normal roadside shopping places around the beach.
neha ballal
People assume its just North Goa which has all the fun but Palolem beach in the south is equally amazing. So is Canacona. We can take a boat ride into the sea to check out dolphins, and visit two islands there- butterfly and honeymoon. One can also trek to these small shores but there is not route laid out so it is not for the faint-hearted.
The next day we hit off south early in morning to cover Patnem Beach, Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Cabo de Rama, Arossim beach, Naval Museum, Dona Paula Beach and Bambolim Beach. Later in the evening, we relaxed at Colva Beach to enjoy the serene sunset. Later we parted ways and I returned back to Nagpur.
Next stop was Palolem,in south Goa. Now we had absolutely no plans for this place. We had unanimously decided that, we are going to bring in the new year on the beach and just spend the night there. And we wanted to stick to the same! We reached Palolem in the afternoon. The roads in Goa, not definitely the greatest, however the greenery around and just the feeling of being in Goa, kind of takes you over and puts your merry glands in overdrive. So we headed straight to a shack on the beach.
Akul Bajaj
After spending some time there, we started heading towards Palolem beach. Palolem beach is at a distance of about 12 km from Cola and ranked as one of the top beaches in Asia. The beach mainly attracts the locals and foreign tourists who stay in shacks which are near the village road which leads to this village. There are a number of shacks around this beach and a small market place from where you can shop souvenirs and other small things. On reaching, we had our breakfast in one of the shacks around the place. After having breakfast we headed straight for the beach. Palolem has one of the cleanest coastlines in the entirety of Goa and we witnessed just that as we entered the sands near the beach. It's a crescent shaped coastline with calm waters and a clean beach. A variety of water sports are also organized at this beach. You can try one of those at nominal prices. We went in peak season, so naturally the crowd as well the cost of trying out any water sport was unreasonable.
47. Palolem BeachOne of the most beautiful beaches of South Goa, Palolem beach provides long white sand stretch, palm groves and shacks. Ideal for swimming and sea bath, some water sports including kayaking can also be done here.
51. Polem BeachThe extreme South Goa beach is alternate to Palolem beach though much quite and calm than its earlier counterpart.
Pack n Ride
At 8:30 pm i happened to check my phone for weather and tides ,and I saw them mentioning a high tide at 10:45 pm . Now that was something I didn't want to miss. So I waited ! By 10 pm I could see the tides rising and covering almost entire beach reaching up to steps of the shack , I knew I was in for a treat . The dogs on the beach were running for a safer higher place , and about 10 of them seated near my spot thinking I might be their Messiah and will rescue you them . Well at 10:45 , as predicted , I saw the highest tide at Palolem beach ever , It washed even the steps of the shack, I knew it was now time to head back before I am left with no walking space back to my car.
Pack n Ride
2 pm : I left for Palolem beach , out of 50 shacks on that beach, only 2 were open during this monsoon season , leaving me not much choice but to go to either of them , and due to monopoly these shacks will burn a hole in your pocket.But .... you know what made up for this , a beautiful clean beach with only about 20-30 people walking on the shoreline .4 pm : I made my way to the sea , enjoying a clear sky, lovely sea , no crowd , and swaying coconut trees in far distance, I was sure falling in love all over again with this new Goa . But wait, it is India !! suddenly I find 5 young men , trying to follow me wherever I moved to in the sea . Can you believe it ? Not even the sea is safe for women or what ? Well I tried to ignore them , after 30 minutes of them trying hard to get my attention , I decided to head out to complain against them to the life guards , to my surprise as I was heading out the sea, a police man was heading towards me , and without me saying anything he said " Are they disturbing you? " , And i responded "yes" , he said " We were noticing from the life guard booth , that's why I came now " . He immediately asked all 5 perverts to get out of the sea and leave the beach immediately, but he didn't let them go without a good thrashing !!! Later I thanked life-guards and police guy with some chocolates . My faith in Goa Police was restored ! 6 pm - time to head back to the house . Dinner at home ( since not much option to party in Goa in this season ) So tip for party animals : Don't come to Goa in monsoons . Nature lovers , you have to go to Goa during this time . It is as raw and fresh as it can get .Day 2 : I was told about various huge waterfalls in the South Goa region which are on their full roar during monsoon .
Piyush Singh
After visiting most of the famous beaches of Goa, and then moving further to Chorla Ghats, we knew we wanted to discover some mystical yet legendary spot. A secluded beach that offered a peep into the wildlife was going to be just the ideal thing, and we decided to leave for Butterfly beach(an undiscovered beach) but when we were about 10 kms away, we got to know that the difficulty in the way would prevent us to get there on time, and hence we decided to visit the Palolem beach which was beautiful too.The beer shop outside the beach just came handy, and the shacks were too peaceful to enjoy the tides hitting the shores.Goa has a whole different world to offer you, if you get there and respect each and every intricate detail of the spot and the local residents along with building a connect that would enable you to explore the best sand and best delicacies of the state. GO AND GET IMMERSED INTO THE BOHEMIAN SPIRIT OF GOA.
Priyanka Gupta
Palolem Beach, Butterfly beach, Honeymoon beach.We woke up with the sound of beach and opening our eyes we saw infinity view of beach. You will feel like heaven for sure. This is why I am insisting on staying in a sea facing shack. After a small walk along the beach we went to Palolem beach for breakfast. There are may options there but we tried at Carins. It is a good choice for breakfast. After breakfast we sat on a sea shack and then got ready for boat ride to Honeymoon beaach and butterfly beach. This is best for sunset. After this we again went to Agonda beach and had dinner. For dinner you can also try some options at Palolem.
Silky Shah
Palolem beach is very less crowded compared to the standard north Goa beaches.Hence,the peace, the serenity,blue waters,blue sky...everything is mesmerizing. We had spent last 2 days just at the beach doing swimming,roaming around,boozing,relaxing.The beach is too lazy to motivate you to go out of the beach area.The beach is ideal for kayaking and many people were indulged in that activity.There are plenty of places on the beach where silent parties are held. Unfortunately, due to elections everything was closed.
Silky Shah
Day 3:The next day we bid adieu to north Goa and rented a cab to head towards Palolem beach.Cabs in Goa are absolutely ruthlessly costly and it costed me as much as 2200 Rs to reach Palolem. Another way to reach Palolem from Candolim is to use local bus of the following route -Candolim-->Panjim-->Madgaon-->Palolem .And what can I say about the beach :) :)'s perhaps the best beach in Goa in terms of serenity and beauty.We booked our hotel in Neptune Point beach Resort which is right in the centre of Palolem beach and on the sea coast.The best part about staying at a beach shack is you eat,swim,relax,booze repeat.
Vivek Garg
Vivek Garg
Next day enjoy the Dolphins & Butterfly beach by boat in the morning Plus Kayaking.
Saumya Mishra
Located far away from the crowded north, South Goa beaches are serene. Walk by the Palolem beach in the evening to watch the sunset, with a sky full of shades of beautiful pink, and a cold and calm sea