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Palolem Beach

It is beach located in Canacona, Goa and is quite untouched by tourists, it is inhabited by foreign tourists and local fishermen and is about 1.60kms in length and was also showcased in the movie The Bourne Supremacy.
Priyanka Burman
Palolem is situated in Canacona, South Goa. This is one of the most beautiful beach in Goa. However, Palolem beach is not limited to it's scenic, picturesque views. There's a hidden beauty one can explore and experience..The backwaters behind the Palolem beach is one of the best things to do for a nature lovers..Palolem backwaters is a perfect spot for bird watching and feeding..You can see plenty of birds,lots of Eagles..Take a boat ride for backwaters in Palolem,the trip will cost Rs. 200- 400/person, depends on your bargaining capability..Though can go anytime of the day, best time for the ride is in the evening before sunset..Within 45 mins to 1 hr trip you can enjoy  mangrove forests..the best thing was feeding the eagles..The boat man was carrying some chicken flesh ..He was throwing food into the water..It's great a experience to see how Eagles flying down to water and snatching their foods..After this amazing experience boat will take you back..Next time when you are in Palolem do experience this ..
Archit Saxena
More commercialised than the others. Go to the North End. It's much calmer and nice.
Palolem BeachOne of the most stunning beaches I love in the state of Goa is Palolem. In the middle of a dense coconut palm forest, Palolem has developed a reputation where families, backpackers, and party-minded people go to unwind. The beach is equally ideal for a peaceful and relaxing vacation as for parties.Families with children may be seen on the northern part of the beach, enjoying their peaceful getaway. Backpackers and young crowds can be found in the central and southern part of Palolem Beach, where they lounge on the beach and partake in watersports. There are many things to do, from kayaking, dolphin sighting, yoga, shopping, and many more.
Canyoning: The Upper SauriSo what is canyoning exactly? It's a form of extreme sports in which you are required to traverse over land and water, jump into streams lining gorges, and abseil (rappelling) down a waterfall. All the fun begin at Palolem, where you meet Manu and his team at his house. Depending on the trail you've selected, you have to take a road journey from Manu's house in an open jeep to Nethravali Wildlife Sanctuary which is anywhere between 25km to 115 km.The actual journey starts right next to a hairpin, a board that read, "The Upper Sauri" and get ready to do a small jungle trek through the wilderness to begin your crazy adventure with the muffled sound of a burbling river. Approx. 30 minutes of walk and you will reach your final starting point. Put on your gear, wet suits and life jackets (if you opted for the non-swimmers package).
One of the most visited beach in south goa, Palolem is both peaceful yet brimming with adventure.You can easily enjoy water activities like Kayaking , Boat Ride etc also you can trek to nearby hills and enjoy the most beautiful sunset from there. One of the best but not so crowded place on this beach is its backwater side . Not many people know about this, but it’s definitely an unforgettable experience. Located north of Palolem Beach, the best time to go is during high tides and carry your favourite music track along to enjoy the serenity of the place.Ask your boatman to show you the magic rock and enjoy the mesmerising sight of the hawks descending on the water. All in all, the 45 minutes boat ride is worth your time and adventure.This boat ride will cost you around 250-300 per person but believe us it is totally worthy. We have also uploaded some video clips of our Boat ride . Do visit this place and let us know your reviews as well. Happy Travelling 💖.