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Manali Kirkire
It was a 1 hour 20 min drive from our hotel. So to reach these hills, you actually have to pass them by road. It looks unlike any other hills you have ever seen. "Montserrat" literally means "saw (serrated, like the common handsaw) mountain" in Catalan. It describes its peculiar aspect with multitude of rock formations which are visible from a great distance. They look they would have been carved out of a giant rock and someone very carefully placed them in a valley. By the way, these hills are situated in the Catalunya district of Barcelona and is quite alienated from the city. One must take a guided tour or have a local along if you are driving separately this far. Sant Jerony Monastery lies at the foot of the hill. The peak of the hill is 300m above the Monastery which you can reach either by tram or walk up. When we arrived here it was Foggy we could hardly see a foot across, but then slowly the sun came up and we could easily see the beauty that dawned over the surreal Montserrat.
Khushboo Bansal
Montserrat Mountains are just an hour drive away from Barcelona, Spain. This second most visited place is Catalonia is worth visiting because of its natural beauty and spirituality. The Unique thing about these mountains is that they look like a carving and not just a mere usual shaped mountain. Poets claim the mountains were carved by the Angels with a golden saw, Geologists blame nature at work. Either way, its unique !!