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Mount Etna

This volcano rises like a pyramid and ends in a small top. Situated in Catania, it is the tallest active active volcano in Europe. Visitors can hike to the top or take a train which circles around the black lava.One can witness dead craters, lunar landscapes and lava tunnels. It is advisable to have layers of clothing because of extreme cold temperatures as you move up. In the summer, it’s drastically hot – dust and ashes flows.How to Go
Samantha Hussey
The most active volcano in Europe and by far the biggest dominating attraction in Eastern Sicily, Mount Etna is a must visit. If you head to Etna Sud you have the option to walk around some of the older craters on foot or take a cable car ride to 2,900m, from there it is a 2-4 hour round trip to the summit craters, although there is no need to go that far to get a good feel for the majesty of the mountain. The other point of departure is Etna Nord (Piano Provenzana) from where you may walk or take 4X4 buses up to the observatory at 2,400m. You may walk to the summit craters from there. I would highly advise to not go venturing to the main craters of Etna without a qualified guide.