Five Reasons Why This Seaside Italian City needs to be on your European bucket list


Genova is Italy's colorful Port City and one of the most underrated Italian cities.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Genova:

1. Location! Location! Location!

Genova is just two hrs away from Milan by train/car. So you can feel the true Italian vibe, which to be honest is what is missing in Milan (the usual touristic city).

2. Food! Food! Food!

Did you know that Pasta Genovese a.k.a Pesto Pasta comes from Genova? Well, now you know. Pesto is the Besto only in Genova. Apart from pesto, Genova is also famous for its delicious Focaccia (a delicious bread).. oh!! I am hungry already!

3. Deal! Deal! Deal!

This city is an Italian package in itself, offering history (Romanesque Cathedral of San Lorenzo, various austere churches and more), beaches, and delicious cuisine.

4. Crowd Free! Crowd Free! Crowd Free!

Even in the summers when Italy is full of tourist, you can find some beauty and peace in the streets of Genova. We all love to travel, but also a crowd free destination, don't we? Genova fits the purpose.

5. Experience! Experience! Experience!

Genova has the largest aquarium in Italy and the best in Europe. It also the Largest Old Town in Europe. Many panoramic viewpoints for those chasing views. Lastly, a fisherman's village nearby called Boccadasse, offering you the tastiest ice-cream, sea views, and a perfect place to relax.

Still not convinced? Let the pictures do the talking then.

Photo of Genova, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy by Sanjana Tewari
Photo of Genova, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy by Sanjana Tewari