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Chail Cricket Ground

Sreshti Verma
To entertain the royal family and the British aristocracy, a cricket ground was built in 1893 after levelling the top of a nearby hill. The cricket and polo field is now one of the highest in the world and is located just 3km from the hotel.
Nancy Johri
Himakshi Joshi
Next, we headed to the highest cricket ground in the world, located at a height of 7500 ft. It is now maintained by the Indian Army and is situated in the cantonment region of Chail. Although we can take pictures of the ground from outside the boundary, visitors are not allowed to enter inside. It was already 7PM by then and had also started raining, thus we ended the day's travelling by returning to our hotel.
Chail Cricket Ground: The cricket ground in Chail has made it to the Guinness World Records. It's the world's most astounding cricket ground situated at a height of more than 7500 ft above ocean level. The armed force keeps up the range, so visitor visits are limited inside the ground. It's likewise utilized as a polo ground amid school relaxes by understudies over yonder. For visitors, the place is justified regardless of a visit for the cool wind and the stunning perspective.