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Wat Chalong Temple

Saurav Basu
Wat Chalong Temple (above) is a beauty - it's about an hour's scooty drive from Patong. But when you are in Thailand you should pay a visit to not only its idyllic 'Koh's(islands) but also its picturesque 'Wat's (temples). You can easily spend an hour or two here going around the different temples within the complex.
Marigold Odyssey
Wat Chalong is the biggest temple that keeps Buddha relics. You will love the the Buddhist vibes here. But due to hot weather we rushed back to find some place with Air con
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Wat Chalong temple Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the more important Buddhist statues in Wat Chalong. Wats in general are sacred places for local people, so it is wise for the visitor to watch and emulate the way Thais behave inside temples. For example, you will see that people are careful not to stand over, or otherwise position themselves higher than any Buddha images except when pasting gold leaf to them - which in any case happens only in some wats, not in most.
The most important Buddhist temple of Phuket. Temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the evening. It features various Buddha statues and golden Pagoda. Breath taking architecture is the important part of the visit.How to reach?Wat Chalong is about 8 Km from Phuket city. Best way to travel in Phuket is by Motor Bikes. You can rent a bike for a day. In my opinion this is the best way to travel around Phuket.
The following day we took a short tour around Phuket taking a few shots of the breathtaking views around Phuket from the Karon View Point and a visit to the Wat Chalong temple which is one of the 29 major temples around Phuket which is frequented by Locals for offering prayers as well as foreigners exploring and admiring the architecture and learning Buddhism from the multiple statues of the Abbots. We then explore some local handicrafts stores, pearl museum and cashew nut factory outlets. These were part of the tour package but we ended up buying nothing.We drove to Krabi from Phuket and this had to be the most picturesque roads driving past the giant limestone cliffs, occasional showers, dense green forests with a noticeable dip in the temperature as we neared our stay at Ao Nang.