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Hrishikesh Baruah
And contrary to my expectations NOPE, we wouldn't be camping right next to the lake. In fact, the lake is somewhere 200 meters above the campsite. The camping site was like more of a grazing land, full of dust, causing irritation. While most folks decided to take it easy and relax in the comfy sun few of us decided to venture into the woods, to probably explore what many may have never set foot onto (!).
Rachita Saxena
Bekaltal lake trek routeBekaltal is at an altitude of approximately 2935 m and it can take about four hours to reach from Lohajung. The trek route for Bekaltal is pretty simple and starts from the Lohajung Market.From the roundabout, you need to take the stairs beside the Bisht General Stores and just follow the man-made trail till you reach the forest region. After walking for about 30 minutes, you will see Mandoli village on your left side.
Rachita Saxena
This year, I attempted my first snow trek ever and it was an entirely unique experience. While I wasn't able to complete the summit due to sudden weather changes, I was still able to experience snow and got a taste of my first snow trek in India.
neha ballal
So we left Lohajung by 8 in the morning to reach the campsite by noon. It was a nice trek up the hill, some places a little steep, some easy, but mostly all uphill to reach the campsite. The kitchen staff had already gone and set up their tents and started cooking. So as soon as we arrived, and we warmed up we got to eat some delicious food and relax. You can walk around exploring the lake late noon. The lake freezes during the months of Jan- Feb and is covered with snow then. November December, is just the start of snowfall so you will not have too much snow to tread on.
Pranav Harish
The first camp for the night would be at Bekaltal (3013 metres) which is about 4 hours trek from the base camp at Lohajung.