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Si Phan Don

4000 Islands or Si Phan Don is a laidback, sleepy and charming place nestled at the foot of Laos on the Cambodian border. As the name suggests, it consists of lots of tiny islands scattered in the vast Mekong Delta. After your journey by road, board a crammed long boat for the very short journey across to Don Det, the main place to stay. Don Det is the main traveller hang out where you can bag yourself a bungalow overlooking glorious sunsets on the river for next to nothing. You can also stay at Don Khong.
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Si Phan Don, an archipelago of sandbars and rocky islets surrounded by the Mekong River. It’s definitely a highlight in all guidebooks guiding through Laos. Traveler’s paradise for relaxing in a hammock and observing the laid back style. The most common and often visited islands are Don Det and Don Khon. Don Det has cheaper bungalow accommodations and is busier with bars and restaurants. Don Khon is home to two impressive waterfalls and from the south tip of the island is where you can spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphins. It’s also a fisherman’s paradise; they can be seen all over the Mekong cruising on their tail boats. Rural lifestyle, rice paddies, turquoise water and butterflies are what sparks Si Phan Don’s character.