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Two Girls. One small country. A few rented motorbikes. A great adventure.  This pretty much sums up our Laos trip for us. For a country of its size...

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang meaning Great Stupa is a large Buddhist Stupa that is covered in gold and situated in the center of Vientiane. We spoke to a local Lao who said that Pha That Luang was formerly build as a Hindu temple and later Buddhist missionaries and Arahata monks bought a holy relic of Lord Buddha to the Stupa. The history of this place is pretty interesting. Each of the three levels of the Stupa mirrors a part of the Buddhist doctrine. This is not just a national symbol but is considered as a very important national monument in Laos and is 44 m high.
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Tham Poukham Cave

Vang Vieng is located in Central Laos and is 154 kms away from Vientiane. A relaxing swim is the best way to start your day here at the Tham Poukham blue lagoon. The lagoon is bright blue and has few swings that we jumped out of. Laos is known for tubing and we grabbed this opportunity to have a divine experience in tubing in this sparkling lagoon. We then went into the Tham Poukham cave also known as "Golden Cave” because to the golden Buddha's statue that rests there. The cave doesn't end there and stretches miles deeper and darker. This was quite a chilling yet exciting journey. If you are in Laos make sure this isn't the place you miss. Travel Tip - Take a guide with you for the best routes in the caves and rent a head torch if you wish to go deeper into the cave
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About Vientiane

Vientiane, Laos is where we first arrived from Bangkok. It’s also the capital of Laos, 300,000 people live here and enjoy the laid back life. Lao people are very good at enjoying the now, the super calm and the past. The first excitement of emotions in Vientiane for us was the taste of bread. Traveling for the past 6 months in Asia mainly munching on the local dishes like noodles, rice and more noodles, bread was something we were craving for. — A French baguette with cheese — was what hit the spot. We spent the first few days just chilling in the Scandinavian Bakery eating pastries, sipping on espressos and getting high on caffeine while watching ‘Dexter’. Afternoons we spent walking by the Mekong River observing the local fitness life and the colorful sunset.


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