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Chapora Fort

Located in Bardez, his fort rises above the Chapora River. This was a red laterite fort built by the Portuguese in place of an earlier Muslim structure in the 1th Century. It was then captured and again lost by a number of Hindu rulers before the Portuguese finally abandoned it in the year 1892. The main enemies of this fort were the Bahmani Sultans who were successful in capturing it and again later it was captured by the Marathas in the beginning of the 18th Cdentury. It was recaptured by the Portuguese to be taken back again by the Marathas. This battle went on for a long time after which the fort was absolutely deserted. At present, what we can see here are simply ruins of the fort and the heads of two tunnels. Regular buses from Anjuna and Mapusa can bring and take you back from here.
Abhilash Sharma
Chapora Fort: Famously known for Dil Chahta Hai movie spot, you will have aerial view of the Vagator beach and beautiful scenic point.
Leena S.
The next morning I woke up, got all ready early but I didn’t felt like going anywhere alone because there was no transport available. As I sat on my bed and scrolled through my Instagram stories, I found this one guy posting stuff on Goa, whom I met along back in Delhi. Within some minutes we were chatting about “let’s catch up” and then to “how would you travel around!” finally ending up to “wait for an hour we will pick you up!”. So an hour later I was on a bike with two other guys roaming around the streets of Vagator. The benefits of traveling alone – you are so flexible with your plans. We spent the day at Chapora Fort taking pictures and taking in the sweet breeze of Goa, and of course, we did the Dil Chahta Hai pose because we were three guys. It feels so unbelievable now how I had been in a training with 80 other people and I met this guy then. And today almost a year later I was hanging out with him and his best friend making plans for the next three days in Goa.
Nikhita Biswas
We spent almost 45 beautiful minutes as from here we had to head to Anjuna beach. The water sports guy, Chandru had made around 20 calls by then to come visit his kiosk. He was adamant that we wouldn’t find anything more cheaper than what he was offering. What I have learnt about Goans is that they don’t welcome haggling at all. It’s a ‘take it or leave it’ policy. Coming back to Chapora Fort. If you are planning to visit this fort, wear your sports shoes instead of sandals as it’s a treacherous climb from the parking lot. However, it seems like construction is happening to build steps for travelers’ ease. The parking charge is Rs. 10/- per scooty. There are no entry charges yet. It’s yet to be commercialized. However, you have a few men and women selling refreshments on the trail so if you don’t wish to spend extra bucks, carry your own chilled water bottles. On your way down, you can enjoy a chilled refreshing glass of lemon soda. However, if you visit the place in the evening, you can swap water bottles with beer cans. But, please make sure you trash them back at your hotel and not pollute around. #TravelResponsibily
Santhosh Thiyagarajan
Amol Sonawane
Day 5 - Chapora Fort | Old Goa Church | Panajim City