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Chapora Fort

Located in Bardez, his fort rises above the Chapora River. This was a red laterite fort built by the Portuguese in place of an earlier Muslim structure in the 1th Century. It was then captured and again lost by a number of Hindu rulers before the Portuguese finally abandoned it in the year 1892. The main enemies of this fort were the Bahmani Sultans who were successful in capturing it and again later it was captured by the Marathas in the beginning of the 18th Cdentury. It was recaptured by the Portuguese to be taken back again by the Marathas. This battle went on for a long time after which the fort was absolutely deserted. At present, what we can see here are simply ruins of the fort and the heads of two tunnels. Regular buses from Anjuna and Mapusa can bring and take you back from here.
Iswarya Sudhakaran
So on our third day, we first went to Fort Chapora, also famously known as the 'Dil Chahta Hai Fort'. Please make sure that you wear some good gripping shoes, as the entrance to the Fort is steep climb. The Fort gives you a fantastic views of the popular Vagator Beach on one side, the huge Chapora River on the other side & the lovely Morjim Beach across the bay. We did spent a lot time taking pictures (offcourse, the mandatory Dil Chahta Hai pose) and got a panoramic ocean vista.Then in the afternoon, went to a private island for some water activities. The activities we did included Jetski 1000 cc, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Kayaking, Battery Boat, Paddle Boat. Then for dinner we went to Souza Lobo at Calangute, which is famous for its Goan food, seafood and live music.
We returned to the hotel, freshen up and relaxed a bit. We again left around 4 pm to visit the forts. There was a small cold drink shop near our hotel, the shopkeeper was very helpful. After knowing we were looking for a taxi he called his friend who had a taxi. We went to Chapora fort first. You can see the ruins of the fort. The fort is surrounded by sea and the view from the top is good. You can click nice photos from here. The fort closes by 5 pm so plan accordingly if you want to visit it. We went to the Aguada fort next. You can have a good view of beach and sea from here, you can enjoy the sunset here too. We sat on the wall, it was literary like seating above the sea. We spent some time there, hearing the roar of the sea and enjoying the cool breeze.
Anchit Ahuja
The Portuguese left us more than 200 years ago, but parts of their legacy still remain, one of which is Chapora fort, built in 1717.The Fort lies high above the Chapora river overlooking the Vagator beach and the Morjim beach. It lost military significance towards the end of the 18th century once Goa's borders moved northwards. Most of the fort, along with all the barracks and a church now lies in ruins. Nevertheless, it is a majestic and enduring historical monument with spectacular views of the Arabian sea and the sunset vistas. That itself makes it worth climbing to the top.
Geetanjali Mukherjee
We had a limited time constraint so we returned back to resort for check out packed our bags and moved to Chapora Fort- Dil Chahta Hai !! Site :) Clicked so many pics here on the top of the rock hills .It was almost a dream for a simple girl from the City of Prayag where I had seen only the holy Ganges and Sangam of Ganga -Yamuna-Saraswati. The different culture ,food and fun elements here but on the top of it the essence of GOAN culture to be there means to come back again !!
Himakshi Joshi
With a perfect kickstart to our morning, we headed back to our place to get ready and going for the day ahead. Firstly we decided to visit the famous Chapora Fort (a.k.a. "Dil Chahta Hai") fort, as it was also quite nearby to our place. The fort which was once the biggest fort of North Goa, is now only left with a few remains, but the views are indeed breathtaking!The fort is situated on a hilltop and one needs to climb a steep trail to reach the top. If you're adventurous enough, you can also access the fort from the Vagator/Chapora beach below, by hiking your way up the hills.
Ajay Hooda
First, We went to Chapora fort which is Quite a Hike as vehicles doesn't go all the way up. Took us about 20 Mins to reach the Top or "dil chahta hai" Point. and the view was indeed worth it all. Vast sea as far as u can see.
Dipak Jadhav
15) A tiny one - No one can hunt you
Dipak Jadhav
13) Being a photographer capture great moments of your trip with the lens
Vivek Garg
Than go to Chapora Fort, yes this is Dil Chahta Hai fort.
yokesh babu
Forts. Goa is also famous for its Forts.These military buildings are remains of time.The scenic beauty they offer from it is astounding.1- Chapora Fort -This one is famous for its appearance in Dil Chata Hai movie 2-Aguada Fort 3-Cabo da Rama Fort - This one is in South Goa.
Abhinav Ranjan
Food is not an issue here as everywhere you go you will find some excellent food joints. The same day could be clubbed to visit the Dil Chahta hai Fame Fort. The road to the place is very smooth and you can reach here without any one's help. The beauty of the place is in its location situate at the edge of cliff overlooking the arabian sea the place is neatly maintained and has a great view of the places all around. While coming down saw a beautiful building with a huge statue of Lion at the passageway. Assuming to be the a view point as we moved towards it, a tall serious looking guy told us to elsewhere as it turns out it was the prized possession of kingfisher baron Mr. Mallya. These are the moments that makes me realise we are the peanuts in the world of riches. If you follow the Google Map you can detour and also visit the Jail at the end of the road which is guarded by Sea and cliff from three sides making any escape attempt really futile. Ironical if at all Mr Mallya is sent to serve his sentence here.
Ananya Gupta
After spending a considerable amount of time, we moved to Chapora fort which was visible from the beach. Chapora fort is famous for one Bollywood movie's shooting: Dil Chahta Hai. The view was spectacular from the top of the fort and at one point there was a rough trail from fort to the beach.
Tarana Chauhan
There’s something truly magical about Goa during the monsoon. The rainy season means that Goa is taking a break from the busy tourist season and this is a perfect opportunity for you to put your feet up along with the locals as well. Take a lengthy siesta, or a rainy walk along the beach. If there's adventure on your mind then hike up to Fort Chapora (of Dil Chahta Hai Fame) and watch raindrops crashing into the ocean. If it’s relaxation on your mind, then sit in your balcony and enjoy the rainfall along with a hot cup of coffee or beer and a book.
Vidushi Kara
There’s something truly magical about Goa during the monsoon. The rainy season means that Goa is taking a break from the busy tourist season and this is a perfect opportunity for you to put your feet up along with the locals as well. Take a lengthy siesta, or a rainy walk along the beach. If there's adventure on your mind then hike up to Fort Chapora (of Dil Chahta Hai Fame) and watch raindrops crashing into the ocean. If it’s relaxation on your mind, then sit in your balcony and enjoy the rainfall along with a hot cup of coffee and a book.Do a cartwheel at the beach and slump on your face because there wouldn’t be anyone to see you!
Today we headed to Chapora fort the Famous Dil Chahta hai Fort, Chapora fort overlooking the sea make for an endearing sight. Now the fortress lies in ruins; however, the main incentive to climbing up here is the splendid view of nearby Anjuna and Vagator beaches. We spent some time there clicking few pics and enjoying the pleasant breeze and amazing view around the Fort.
Suheil Patel
After resting for a couple of hours we headed to Chapora Fort or more commonly known as the ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ fort. It was just 11 kms from our hotel and after parking at the base of the fort it was a 10 mins walk to the top. (Tip: Wear good sneakers, for guys and gals, with formidable grip as the path is full of small stones that make it slippery and slightly perilous). 
i) Drove to Chapora fort
Nishtha Narang
For the history buffs, there are a lot of forts which one can visit and explore. Fort Aguada and Chapora Fort are a must visit.
Pack n Ride
On my check in at the hostel, I was greeted with more than happy smiles by foriegn travelers staying at the hostel, who were going to be my family for next 3 days. It was the beginning of a happy trip . For the next 3 days we all ate together , cooked together , washed dishes and clothes , explored hidden areas of vagator, swimming at the sunset, hill climbing to "Chapora fort" (((( See the pic below- The "Dil Chahta Hai" Fort , all Bollywood fans must be aware of this ))) to watch sunset , going to a psy trance party as a result of insomnia due to so much of sharing and travel stories ! 
Sachin Verma
The famous Chapora Fort is uphill Vagator. Leave your bike at the bottom and climb the hill to the fort. You get a 360 degree view from here. This place is most suited for the people who want some time alone. You can spend hours sitting here and wondering. Spend some quality time here and start moving again. Our next stop will be Anjuna. By the time we reach Anjuna, the Sun would have started its disappearance into the ocean. Watch the Sunset sitting on the deck of Curlies, this will be one of the most beautiful sights you ever witnessed.
The next day, we were set to travel to north Goa. Tulsi Das ji was waiting for us and we left. Travelling with Tulsi Das ji, was a pleasure. The man in his mid forties, kept us entertaining with stories of Goa. We left Palolem and headed towards Chapora fort. It was a long ride and we reached Chapora fort by 11am. To my dislike I found the fort to be a bit crowded, but nevertheless the view was mesmerizing. The fort stood still surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Vagator beach.
Befor you realize 4 days are already gone by and its definately not a good feeling. Take some rest and in the evening do visit the famous forts of Goa, the Chapora fort(the dil chahta hai fort) will bring you to a different side of Goa with is raw untouched and away from the busy streets of Goa. Do watch the sun sink down in the sea waters . Its an amazing site. Well its now time to be back to business.
Riket Shah
Fort where Dil chahta hai was shooted. Birds eye view of vagator beach can be seen. Nice relaxing place
Its a little hard to reach the top where the fort is, but when you get there. its a great view of the Vagator beach. Behind the fort is lot of greenery and absolutely breathtaking view.
japneen kohli
CHAPORA FORT – one for history buffs Remember the Bollywood movie- Dil Chahta Hai? Many of you might have longed to sit on the wall just like the actors. Well!! Fret not. It is the Chapora Fort. Despite being a major tourist attraction, the fort holds a historical significance as well. Dating back to 1717 and the Portuguese rule in Goa, this fort was built in place of an older fort on the same location after the Maratha-Portuguese war. Lying in ruins now, the fort was an attempt by the Portuguese to reinforce their stronghold over the Goan territory and prevent further conflicts. Surrounded by steep slopes and breath taking vistas of Pernem, Chapora River and the Vagator beach, Chapora Fort can leave one bewitched with its splendour.