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Sisters Restaurant

My Life in Sin
Our first meal in Cambodia and we were starving and fancied breakfast as we had gotten up before 5am and were all craving comfort wake up food even though it was closer to lunch time in reality. We googled and found a place called Sisters than did all day breakfast = perfect. It is close to the Russian Market, on Street 446 at number 26B which we missed on the first pass. It really isn't a fancy place and you might not notice it from the street, you will need to keep your eyes peeled. It looked friendly so we wandered on in and rearranged the tables to suit our group of 7.It is also a bakery with loads of different pies by the slice, cakes, biscotti, brownies, muffins etc. And on request (a day before) they make all sorts of fancy different breads. And we all ordered mains, mostly off the standard lunch menu, but N went for the interesting potato pancakes as they sounded interesting and she had never had anything like it. She topped them with the bacon and poured over the maple syrup and said it was yum.