10 best tourist spots in China

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China is a nation with vast area and a reputed history. The country offers a lot to see for the people who plan to visit. The best part about China is that it has a lot to see for all kinds of travelers. This article talks about some of the best tourist spots in china and how to get there and how to plan the trip.

1. The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is in Beijing and is actually an ancient palace city. It is called so because the ordinary folk were not allowed entry into this palace. It was the grand palace known to the Ming as well as Qing dynasties about 560 years. Over 24 Chinese emperors are said to have lived here. Presently it is one of the top 5 places in the world recognized. It is a great demonstration of the Chinese architecture with its grand golden rooks painted in the colors of yellow and red. The museum inside the palace has the ancient relics.

2. The Great Wall of China

It is often said that if one has visited China and has not seen the famous Great Wall then one has not seen the real China. The Great Wall of China is the most iconic landmark in China and one of the most iconic landmarks of the world. Not only is this known to be the longest wall in the entire world (claimed to be visible even from the moon), but it is the most imposing defense structure of the ancient world. This is the reason why the Great Wall is counted among the top wonders of the ancient world. The most well conserved sections are near Beijing and the tourists can take organized tours of the Great Wall based on their choice.

3. The Li River in Guilin

This is today a very famous photography destinations in China but one look at the place and one can imagine why this has been the source of inspiration for poets and artists for centuries. The stretch of Li River present in between the Guilin and the famous Yangshuo is quite attractive and the karst ladscape is dotted with beautiful hills, steel cliffs, the picturesque villages and bamboo groves. It has recently been called one of the ten most beautiful watery wonders present in the world.

4. The terracotta army in Xi’an

This is another famous landmark in China that has come to be associated with China. It was a buried wonder for over 2000 years till some farmers accidentally uncovered the archeological wonder which is now regarded as a World Heritage Site. It depicts hundreds of life size models of army that triumphed over all the other Chinese armies in the Warring states period and were a decisive factor in forming a united China. The structure has a factor of mystique raising questions about why it was built.

5. Yellow Mountains National Park

These are the most famous mountain peaks present in the country of China and have one of the three most famous national parks in China. In comparison to the other two national parks this one can be easily accessed and therefore the most popular. Located between Shanghai and Hangzhou this place is also renowned for its beautiful and scenic sights – the misty clouds, the sun rises, the oddly shaped rocks, twisted pine trees and hot springs.

6. Chengdu

This place is regarded as the hometown of the Giant Panda. Even though the Chinese love Pandas and care for them deeply, the famous place to look at them is the Chengdu. The Chengdu Panda Research Centre is located towards the north side of the area and it is also far more established. The Panda numbers are high and one can see them in the natural habitat.

7. West lake

West Lake is present in Hangzhou. And this place is known as paradise in China contributing to the beautiful scenario. It is a place of serenity i.e. one can see the beautiful surroundings and enjoy in peace here. There are many mountains surrounding the place. There is also the presence of Chinese style bridges that are in arch shaped along with trees lined near the walkway which add a different character to the place. To view the magnificence of the entire place visitors can take bike rides or walks around the lakes or even book a short cruise for your family.

8. The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is what is considered as the Great Wall in China – an iconic tourist destination and a symbol for the people. Victoria is the most popular place having bird’s view of the city of entire Hong Kong. It offers a view of the regions meteoric rise to success and prosperity, the skyline lined with skyscrapers and lights in the distance. One can see the sky scrapers stretching out all the way to the mainland China. During the night time the view is even better with the masterpiece of lights on different buildings dancing in unison.

9. The Potala palace present in Lhasa

The palace in Potala is famous in Tibet and is a part of the UNESCO world heritage site since 1994. This place has artifacts in relation to the Tibetan history, culture and religion as well as art. It is popularly known for its precious murals, antiques, sculptures, and ancient precious jewelry, scriptures that is housed within.

10. The Bund in Shanghai

Bund is the most popular symbols present in Shanghai. Shanghai itself is a city that is known for its modern architecture and being the primary business districts of the world. However the colonial European buildings located in this area exude elegance. It was one of the most prosperous areas of Shanghai till the early nineteenth century.

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