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Temple of Marquis Wu

Roamed around this large temple in Nanyang, probably the busiest location we visited. It is a memorial site, commemorating Zhuge Liang, a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese History. He is famous as an inventor, counselor, war strategist, political analyst, and more. He is famously depicted with a fan made of crane feathers (replicas of which are sold at his temple ~ I got one!). The temple itself is beautiful, with a lot of fun things to do. The buildings have many replicas of famous people and statues in historic poses, as well as a lot of giant statues, and other cultural relics. There is also a large lake with a fun zig-zag walkway across it. For the holiday, there was a carnival around back that the children loved. The boys were especially delighted at all the play weapons they could buy!