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Marina Beach

Known as the second longest beach in the world, the Marina is a beautiful beach in Tamil Nadu. The golden sands and the cleanliness around serves as the main attractions. The slope is gentle too and this makes it ideal for swimmers. Picnics are a common sight here and you also walk along the shore as this is very long. There are a number of eateries surrounding the beach as well.
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Below are glimpses of Marina Beach. This beach is among the dirtiest beaches in India still we visited it just for fun. :)
Misha Jain
Marina Beach: This 13km beach is the longest natural urban beach in the country. This beach is a famous picnic spot for its silver sand and blue sea along with its picturesque sunrise and sunset view.
Misha Jain
3. Marina Beach ChennaiDon't Laugh about the junction mentioned above. I tried raw mangoes with some sprinkled spices over it. These are served all over the marina beach by localities who sell in small carts or temporary shops. No doubt, they are mouthwatering.
Aditya Singh
So before making a plan to go to Chennai from Bhopal, I was in a fix about the weather in Chennai actually I hate humid weather I just hate chip chip climate so that point is a drawback but as I never been in Chennai that thing worked as a positive point and then there's a voice came out 'Let's do it'. So I start planning to go different places in Chennai which is less populated and peaceful but I didn't get any these kind of places and plus it's very humid weather so I plan to go to marina Beach at early morning (4:00am) and after that take bus and explore the rest of the places but that spectacular views from marina Beach is just beautiful and I don't want to live that coldness around beach. It's just perfect morning but as the sun get at the top of the head, the humidity and weather is at its best. So decided to go pondicherry next morning to enjoy pizza and wines.
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¤Marine Beach¤Kapaleeshwarar Temple¤Fort St. George¤Arignar Anna Zoological Park
Kaveri Harit
Home to one of the longest beaches in Asia, Marina Beach, Chennai is extraordinary in every form. Marina beach can get really crowded any day of the week, but that's an experience in itself. Best time is to visit it in the evening. However, the undercurrent is pretty turbulent. So, watch out! If you enjoy your solitude then there are a plethora of beaches in Chennai that aren't as touristy and will offer you a one on one conversation with nature. Kasimedu, Thiruvanmiyur are some of the beaches that you can visit.The FoodThe South Indian food you have had in any other part of India other than South India is basically not the authentic South Indian food. My dad's friend came to pick us up when we first set foot in Chennai. He dropped us at the hotel and arranged food for us. Idli, dosa and sambar! I have always loved South Indian cuisine. But the only place I had had South Indian food was Delhi.Having the same taste in mind I took the first bite. Nom! Was that the food of the gods? It was so much different and so so much delicious. And the best part? It is very inexpensive. You can get a really delicious dosa for 30 INR, for which you pay 80-90 INR in Delhi or anywhere else and it's not even that delicious. That is exactly when I realized I have been cheated all my life. You will not like the northern version of the South Indian food once you taste the authentic food anywhere in the South.SafetyHaving spent all my life in Delhi, I known how my mother dreads wearing those expensive gold jewelry whenever she goes out. Chain snatching is pretty common in many Northern states.It was such a shock for me to see small kids wearing really heavy gold necklaces in Chennai, without any fear in their eyes. It is a very safe and pocket-friendly city to stay in.Its close proximity to some marvels
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Marina beach
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Awesome Coast Line stretching from Chennai to Nagapattinam.
Rajat Chakraborty
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The longest beach, and also one of the jolliest! Horse riding, get tanned, or take long baths, and shop shell goodies! and a lot more fun activities. The best place! And also, take long long walks on the beach.
Subhraleena Deka
The color of the sand is darker than other beaches in Chennai. One would see many food stalls with seafood and peanuts all along the beach. It lures you away and makes you feel like you have always belonged to the seas!