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Marina Beach

Known as the second longest beach in the world, the Marina is a beautiful beach in Tamil Nadu. The golden sands and the cleanliness around serves as the main attractions. The slope is gentle too and this makes it ideal for swimmers. Picnics are a common sight here and you also walk along the shore as this is very long. There are a number of eateries surrounding the beach as well.
Pradeep Sharma
6. Marina Beach, Tamil NaduMarina beach in Chennai is India’s longest and the world’s second longest beach. It offers beautiful sceneries and fun activities, like, horse riding, shooting, shell jewelries and artifacts. You can also try a few south Indian delicacies at food stalls nearby. Note: Do try their sukku-coffee.
muskan gupta
Last day we took off back to delhi by train so spent some time in chennai where we visited the Government Museum and kalaignar samadhi.. Even in the night it doesn't seem like its late there is hussel all the time. But the humidity can surely get anyone drained.
vinay chandran
We opted for MRTS and reached Lighthouse station and walked towards the longest natural urban beach in the country and one among the whole world. There were lots of statues and government offices on either side of the road. our plan was to visit the lighthouse which is only open to public in recent times.Ashwin informed that in his overall lifetime he also never had chance to visit the lighthouse.we felt so lucky to climb up and watch the whole city and beach.The beach runs from near  Fort St George in the north to the Foreshore Estate in the south, a distance of 6.0 km make it one of longest natural seashore in the entire planet.The British colonisers built a long promenade and road near their trading post and made it more organized and encouraged the urban culture to develop Madras as a city in British India.After independence, one by one Govt of Tamilnadu built so many monuments and statues for Tamil poets and Great personalities and remembers their contribution to the Land of Tamizh. It was delightful to experience Chennai from a such a great height, the view of University of Madras, Chennai port was very clearly visible from the Lighthouse. The University building was an elegant example of Indo Saracenic style of was developed by 19th-century British architects combining all the elements of Indian architecture with Western gothic, all the public government buildings used this style. we started the walk from one end up to MGR Memorial, Dr.MGR, an actor turned politician the great man who was honoured by Bharat Ratna by Government of India for his great skills in administration and social services.Still, people believe his watch is ticking inside the memorial, it was really a funny incident always happening at the memorial.The Cooum river breaks this long beach and there's a memorial for the war heroes who fought in Second World War for Britain. On the way back we went to the city centre in Mylapore, made me realise that the city has two dimensions If native Chennai people and the posh and rich influential people. The sodium lamps across the poor streets were really tenebrous, reminded me about some gangster movies from Tamil films .The slang was really different from literally written Tamil, they have an intense fisherman village style of speaking that's very hard to understand even for native person.I barely thought about my birthday , the next day is Varun birthday ,At night Ashwin father  brought a cake for us to celebrate the birthday at 12am.We together celebrated the birthday, Uncle and aunty wished both of us, Probably,that's the first time I'm celebrating a birthday like this ever in my lifetime.It was a joyful evening.
Mitu Bhagat
We came back to our hotel and rested for a while. Again around 8 pm, we thought of taking a walk around the Marina beach. There were few souvenir and food stalls and all the lighting were making the beach look more beautiful. Since it looked little dangerous, no one was bathing in the sea. In around 2 hours we came back and had dinner at hotel, slept early thinking to capture sunrise the next day.
10. Spend some time at World's 2nd largest beachThis is best to spend evenings with your friends and family. It is so long beach that it takes almost 1 hour to go from one end to other by walk but in between, you will find amazing people, like here I meet the most famous Akka of Chennai who sells the best seafood here, check this video about her: