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Disneyland Paris

Literally Neha
The kid in me yearned to explore Disneyland and so it was time that wish was fulfilled! Disneyland Paris is without doubt one of most visited tourist attractions in Paris, visited by millions of families every year. At this magnificent theme park, visitors get a chance to experience some of the best rides in Europe, spending quality time with their family and having a holiday of a lifetime. Ranked as the third most visited attraction in Paris in 2012, Disneyland provides excellent facilities for families and couples alike, and if you book in advance online, you can get great discounts.I spent the whole day at Disneyland till my feet literally gave up! The magical music in the background is sure to soothe your ears as you walk around this magnificent place. The best part is that there a many restaurants in Disneyland which will help you fill your stomachs with some delicious food! Kids whizzed past me to get on their rides and how I wished I had my younger brother to race for a ride with! A Day in Disneyland land is sure tiring hence one does need some peace. Hence I decided to head to the Eiffel Tower after having dinner at Bistrot De La Tour. The beauty of Eiffel Tower cannot be put in words. I reached just in time to witness the Eiffel Tower shimmer bright like a diamond and the view indeed was mesmerising. One can stare at it continuously and the same happened to be the case with me too! The Eiffel is surely the symbol of Paris, and it did take my breath away.I had one more day to go in Paris and it could’ve easily gone wasted as I would’ve slept the whole day after staying up all night to witness the beauty of the Eiffel. Hence I bid adieu to the Eiffel Tower and returned back to my hotel.
Reena Yadav
On my way to Disneyland: Duration from city centre to Disneyland is 1 hr and 30 minsDisneyland opening hours : 10 am until 8:30 pm
Kinjal Gala
This is not one of the best Disneylands from around the world. It is always so crowded that you need to wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour for a ride which would hardly last a minute. Waiting kills the enthusiasm of visiting the place because eventually you will cover very less places in and entire day unless you decide on an overnight stay at Disneyland which comes at an added cost.
Disneyland Paris: This will take an entire day if you really want to immerse yourself in the most innocent of experiences! Euro Disney is situated 32 km east from the city centre of Paris. It has two parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park, and it is quite difficult to cover both of them in a single day. I would recommend get the best of experiences in one day because this will be the most costly ticket you buy in your time in Paris. One adult ticket costs 85 euros whereas for children it is 77 euros.
We (me and Anshul) visited Disneyland on 5th May. It was one day visit and part of our Europe Trip. We just had one day, but we had tickets for 2 parks. There are also categories for more that one day and 2 parks. Also one day and one park. We had just a day and we needed to cover all the parks. Covering everything was not possible so we decided to first cover all 'Not to be missed Rides and Shows'. Now you must be thinking what is 'Not to be missed Rides and Shows'.