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Bayeux, France – More than just a tapestryChristmas was spent with the family in the UK which was as lovely and as hectic as ever! The bad weather in the UK did not make for a promising journey back to France so we cheated and decided to do the smallest crossing possible, this is the Dover to Calais crossing, lots more driving but lots less sea sickness. It also means we actually get to have a mini holiday on our way home.This trip we decide to visit Bayeux in Normandy, now everybody has heard of the Bayeux tapestry, but what we never realised is that this is such a small part of this beautiful town.It really is amazing, the town centre is so pretty with its Norman style architecture and the river Aure running through the centre.Stroll along the narrow cobbled streets lined with cafés and shops, admire the Norman style timbered houses that are set around the cathedral, stop for a while to gaze along the river and wonder how these houses do not get flooded!Even in January we were able to sit at a pavement café to enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat, just watching the world go by.Its at moments like these I remember exactly why we moved to France.