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Rih Dil

The next day was my last day, I had just a week off from work and I was so pressed on time. I however, decided to stay back for a trip to Rih Lake also more popularly known as Rih Dil (Lake in Mizo).It is a perfect heart shaped natural lake just across the border in Myanmar (you have to register to cross the border and the driver has to leave his driving license at the immigration gate... they will also check your car). I belive it's become stricter now than it was before to cross the border.Rih dil is very popular in Mizo folklore and its known as the tunnel to heaven and the final passage for the soul. The lake is also known to have the existance of a Dragon and till date can only be seen by whom the dragon chooses.I found a paper written by someone about this and you can read it here.
Day 5: Champhai – ZokawtharVisit the international border at Zokawthar from Champhai. It takes around 2 hours to reach the Indo-Burmese border and from there, walk to the heart-shaped Rih Dil Lake. The lake has quite importance in Mizo culture. You can enjoy boating in the lake and enjoy some quiet time by the lake. The lake is also a great place to take some beautiful pictures. You can also go for short hikes in the scenic surroundings and also visit a Buddhist monastery in the nearby Burmese village of Rikhawdar. Return by sunset at Zokawthar and stay for the night there.
Sumita Bhattacharya
Leaving Aizawl early next morning we headed for the famous Rih Dil Lake, the most culturally significant lake for Mizos except that it lies in another country - Myanmar. Rih Dil Lake is a heart-shaped body of still blue water. Mizos believe that the souls of their dead pass through it. To get there we had to cross the bridge across the river Tiao which forms the natural boundary between India and Myanmar. Thankfully no visas, passports or complicated entry formalities were required to pass into Myanmar where Indian currency and cars are readily allowed.
Salim Islam